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June 28, 2022

Pamungkas, Tulus to perform at Sounds of Downtown Indonesia. Music Press Asia
[L-R: Pamungkas, Tulus]

Pamungkas and Tulus to perform at Sounds of Downtown Festival

Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta will be hosting Sounds of Downtown (@sodfestival), a music and arts festival. This one-day-only festival is set to happen on 22 May, a Sunday, at Bengkel Space. So far, artists announced for the lineup will include Pamungkas, Tulus, Nadin Amizah, Vierratale, Reruntuh and Raissa Anggiani. Recently, Pamungkas released the single Happy Birthday To You earlier…

Indonesia Band HIVI! Campaign #MakinCakapDigital

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics launched National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi in a collaboration with band HIVI! to promote digital literacy, targeting Gen Z audiences. In total, there…

HIVI! Indonesia Campaign MakinCakapDigital. Music Press Asia

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