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Indonesia’s Telkom University Choir to Perform at Busan Choral Festival & Competition

Telkom University Choir to perform at Busan Choral Festival 2022. Music Press Asia.

The Busan Choral Festival & Competition returns this week with exciting programs for everyone.

This weekend will see Indonesia’s Telkom University Choir at the festival’s gala concert. Conducted by its university’s resident conductor Aldo Randy Ginting, the choir has performed various types of repertoire from all periods such as renaissance, romantic, contemporary, and a range of styles such as folklore, gospel spiritual, and popular music.

TUC won the Grand Prix Champion di Taipei International Choral Competition 2019 and competed in World Choral Championship (WCC) – Rimini, Italy. TUC succeeded in making history as the first choir in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to compete at the WCC.

Aldo’s interest in choir music began when he joined the Koinonia Choir at SMA Negeri 4 Medan under the guidance of Silas B. Tampubolon. Then he join the Padjajaran University Choir in 2006 and began to pursue choral music through the experience of participating in various concerts and competitions national and international under the guidance of Arvin Zeinullah. Aldo started as a choir coach for Telkom University Choir when it was formed in 2014 and achieved national and international achievements.

The performance tonight will be held at Shinhan Card Hall, Sohyang Theatre.

What happened at Busan Choral Festival & Competition?

After vetting forty-five choral works from twenty-two countries, the juries at the Busan Choral Festival & Competition announced its winners in July as follows:

2022 Composition Competition Winners:

1st Place: Ily Matthew Maniano​ “Amihan​” (Philippines)​​

2nd Place: Alan Kljaić “O sacrum convivium” (Croatia)

3rd Place: Ian Gabriel Corpuz​ “Penitensya​” (Philippines)​

“Every works use high modern composing skills and express liberating thoughts. However, I want you to keep in mind that there are lyrics in choral music. I hope you try to make a bold escape from the skills so that you can make your work “meaningful sound as a consequence” with the lyrics,” said Young-Jo Lee, President of the 2022 Busan Choral Composition Competition judging panel.

[Programs at Busan Choral Festival & Competition 2022.]

“Many congratulations to all of you on being a finalist in the 2022 Busan Choral Composition Competition…There were a great variety of works and they showed a good deal of imagination, colour and ingenuity. A few thoughts came to mind that you might all find helpful. Remember to make the shape and the gesture of the piece understandable to the conductor, the judge or the listener, so that it clearly reflects the narrative that the composer is aiming for. Also, perhaps consider practicality in terms of scoring, range, voicing and linear shape. All of these things help our pieces get performed, which is what all we composers want!” said Bob Chilcott, Composer and Conductor, Oxford, UK & President of the 2022 Busan Choral Festival & Competition judging panel.

Juries invited to vet the final ten submissions include: Young-Jo Lee (South Korea), Bob Chilcott (UK), Bo-Mi Kim (South Korea), Eui-Joong Yoon (South Korea), Tommyanto Kandisaputra (Indonesia) , and Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania).

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