NEU China to Debut in Beijing

China is seeing a change in its innovation industry. What may just reform China is taking place on topics on investment overseas and the creative industry involving Virtual Reality.

NEU China in Berlin 2016

What would you expect from a ‘future festival’? Wanna talk about media under attack, future without cars, whether robots will take our jobs or how our love lives will flourish? If you have a curious mind of everything futuristic and new, then this two-day extravaganza – China’s First International Future Festival – may just be the newest thing for you. Explore the opportunities and confrontations of our near and far future in one of China’s newest festival – NEU – that brings together a courageous concoction of technology and science, music, visual arts, filmmaking, and media.

NEU Festival‘s first edition took place in Berlin on July 13-14th 2016, together with the Tech Open Air (TOA) event, Europe’s leading Technology Festival. It saw over 1,000 participations in NEU’s discussions and forums and attendance of NEU China Night at Ritter Butzke – one of Berlin’s hottest clubs. As for the year 2017, its second edition will be hosted by one of China’s first-tiered cities, in the heart of Beijing, on 25 & 26 August. The event will a busy schedule of lectures, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, concert and club events taking place at a few venues across the Chinese capital including UCCA, CHAO & MIGAS.

The Future is NEU.

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