Accedo Partners With Telekom to Stream VR LIVE Concert

Rock am Ring, one of the largest music festivals in the world, streamed live video through Magenta Musik 360.

Telekom Germany has recently delivered VR content through live concerts ever since their partnership with Accedo to launch the world's first mass-market VR experience.

Telekom Germany has recently delivered VR content through live concerts ever since their partnership with Accedo to launch the world’s first mass-market VR experience.

Gorillaz concert in Cologne was live-streamed offering audience four VR perspectives.

The above are just a few examples how the VR experience is gaining popularity in live music performances through Magenta Musik 360. Available across a range of devices including Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as a responsive website, it provides attractive navigations and interactions with its users using depth and width. Unlike many other VR video services, it allows the user to completely navigate inside the immersive VR experience, solving the challenging user experience with an intuitive multi-level information structure.

“Live concerts are unique in the way they can connect audiences with music artists. With the transformation of the music industry from physical discs to downloads and then streaming, live music has been the pillar of continued growth for a challenged industry,” added Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo.

“Magenta Musik 360 is providing consumers with an experience closer to the real, live experience when they are unable to be on the site themselves. We are proud to be working with this groundbreaking new service and are still only glimpsing the full potential for Virtual Reality,” he added.

The experience is being delivered using Accedo’s AppGrid, cloud-based video experience management platform, which enables easy configuration, ensuring the best video experience whatever the device.

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