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January 22, 2022

Daryana Antipova selects Khoomei Beat Best Album of 2021. Music Press Asia
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World Music

World Music Central Selects 30 Best Albums of 2021

Music and poem expressing nature and our communication with them have always been a spiritual endeavor for many. And World Music has always been the genre that represents most holistically the people who write and perform their art. This year, World Music Central selects thirty albums that have in many ways deserve more than they are recognised for at the…

Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day,…

Indie Week 5 day virtual conference attracts 850. Music Press Asia

A Transcendental Tribute To Loss

Iranian singer Mamak Khadem has recently released a new single. Titled ‘Across the Oceans’, the single is a collaboration with Chris Martin (Coldplay), and is released by Six Degrees Records.…

Mamak Khadem collaborates with Chris Martin. Music Press Asia
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World Music Album Selections November 2021

What makes November this year so special? In the World Music Charts, we’re seeing some spectacular songs and albums charting for very good reasons. Its hard work rarely recognised in…

November Recommend World Music. Music Press Asia
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Artbook World Musical Instruments by Pepin Press. Music Press Asia
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Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments

Perhaps the most striking feature of all is its overarching methodised principle. With musical instruments arranged along a timeline, the book provides from beginning to finish, from earliest to most recent; a perspective on the evolution of musical instruments that would otherwise not be noticeable. These musical instruments, although hard to date such things confidently, were among the earliest of…

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