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April 20, 2024

Christmas No1 Music Press Asia
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Putumayo World Music’s ‘Christmas Around the World’ Earns Top Spot on Music Press Asia’s Christmas Chart 2023

Music Press Asia has named Putumayo World Music’s latest album, ‘Christmas Around the World,’ as the No. 1 pick on their 2023 Christmas Chart. This festive compilation stands out from the crowd with its vibrant tapestry of global sounds, bringing together artists from Congo to Cuba, Rome to Nova Scotia, and everything in between. Putumayo has a knack for curating…

Top 5 Music Documentaries To Watch at WOMEX

Strengthening conversation between the global music and film community. WOMEX is officially open to the public starting today. Rich in culture, its program is worth some indulging in before you…

Womex Film Documentary program 2023 Jorane Castro Beto Martins. Music Press Asia

Khusugtun: Of Horses & Mongolia’s Robin Hood

The Mongolian culture has their lives so intertwined with horses that their key traditional instrument, the bowed, two-string morin khuur (or horsehead fiddle), is elaborately decorated with a carved horse’s…

Khusugtun Mongolia music Buda Musique. Music Press Asia
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Daryana Antipova selects Khoomei Beat Best Album of 2021. Music Press Asia
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World Music

World Music Central Selects 30 Best Albums of 2021

Music and poem expressing nature and our communication with them have always been a spiritual endeavor for many. And World Music has always been the genre that represents most holistically the people who write and perform their art. This year, World Music Central selects thirty albums that have in many ways deserve more than they are recognised for at the…

Indonesia Band HIVI! Campaign #MakinCakapDigital

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics launched National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi in a collaboration with band HIVI! to promote digital literacy, targeting Gen Z audiences. In total, there…

HIVI! Indonesia Campaign MakinCakapDigital. Music Press Asia

Avex Reissued Ayumi Hamasaki’s Trance Masterpieces

Available for download and streaming for the first time is Ayumi Hamasaki’s trance remixes by prominent DJs including Moogwai, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, and Above & Beyond. Shout out…

Ayumi Hamasaki announced Asian tour for year 2021 and 2022. Music Press Asia
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Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day,…

Indie Week 5 day virtual conference attracts 850. Music Press Asia

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A Transcendental Tribute To Loss

Iranian singer Mamak Khadem has recently released a new single. Titled ‘Across the Oceans’, the single is a collaboration with Chris Martin (Coldplay), and is released by Six Degrees Records.…

Mamak Khadem collaborates with Chris Martin. Music Press Asia
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World Music Album Selections November 2021

What makes November this year so special? In the World Music Charts, we’re seeing some spectacular songs and albums charting for very good reasons. Its hard work rarely recognised in…

November Recommend World Music. Music Press Asia
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world music

Leaf Yeh 葉穎: Birth & Death 生滅

Leaf Yeh has deliberated rather subserviently a subject anathema to many of us. While Birth itself observes the regeneration of new life, Death is directly the pragmatic conviction of all…

Leaf Yeh Birth and Death Album Review. Music Press Asia
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Leaf Yeh To Perform At 2021 World Music Festival

Taiwan World Music Festival returns to Taipei this weekend with an explosive program featuring exciting acts from the region. Singer-Songwriter Leaf Yeh has recently attracted major buzz in Taiwan and…

Leaf Yeh Set to Sing at World Music Festival Taiwan. Music Press Asia

A Beginner’s Guide to Taiwan’s Music Scene 2021

The staff at Music Press Asia has eyes on Taiwan this quarter. This list isn’t an exhaustive list to know- or hear-all. But serves the curiosity to increase the agility of the mind. Who wants to rush for Taiwan anyway? Here’s why Taiwan is still…

ABAO Taiwan's indigenous artists goes mainstream in 2020. Music Press Asia
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