Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Indie Week 5 day virtual conference attracts 850. Music Press Asia

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day, in all seriousness, shifted its program focus towards more logical and practical approaches to being independent.

For four days, Music Press Asia’s staff vetted, joined its sessions, and participated in its forums. Despite the 13-hour time difference, Ramsom Koay our head of creative together with the editorial staff, stayed up well into the early hours in the morning, engaging with the independent community in Canada. Ramsom stayed on Whova’s app – where Indie Week’s virtual event is held – and even held the top second and third positions on its leaderboard alongside Mackenzie Kristjon (This Mad Desire) and Annaa Soleseis. What we found is an absolute gem of an app Whova is. Its versatility as an app promoting virtual engagement at its core is seeing great results for its 859 registered attendees.

If you have missed out on Indie Week this year, we recommend you to join this virtual forum next year. Here’s the program of Indie Week’s fifth, and final day.

Indie Week Day 5 Program (13 November, 2021. Saturday)

Beyond Playlists with Mike Warner (Author of Work Hard Playlist Hard) and Andrea Young (Digital Promotions Group)
Speakers: Mike Warner – Author, Founder (Work Hard Playlist Hard)
Darryl Hurs – Founder/ Director of Market Development in Canada (Indie Week / CD Baby)
Andrea Young – Partner and Founder (Digital Promotions Group DPG)

Songwriter Splits + Producers
Determining how to split credits with other songwriters can be tricky. Do you distribute them equally among every member of a band, even if the lead singer wrote a key riff and everyone else merely added a part here and there? Tune in to learn how to navigate negotiating splits between the songwriter and producer.
Speakers: Matt Gorman – Lawyer/Owner (Ocean Town Music)
Darryl Hurs – Founder/ Director of Market Development in Canada (Indie Week / CD Baby)

Breakout Sessions: Indie Overview for musicians – grant writing, producing, songwriting and publishing presented by SENECA
[Session sponsored by SENECA MUSIC]
Join four professors (and outstanding industry professionals) from Seneca’s Independent Music Programs for an overview of some of the essential basics Indie Musicians need to know including grant writing, production, publishing, and songwriting.
Speakers: Anne-Marie Smith – President (Lonestar Music Services)
Jorge Miguel – Professor (Seneca College)
Alfio Annibalini
Linda Moroziuk – Professor – Seneca
John Switzer – Coordinator of Seneca Music Programs – Seneca College
Darryl Hurs – Founder/ Director of Market Development in Canada (Indie Week / CD Baby)

(Last session at Indie Week) B2B Networking: PersonxPerson Breakouts With Darryl Hurs
A chance to meet with the other attendees – share contacts, talk about future collaborations, learn from each other through this open online speed meeting networking forum.

Previous Day: Indie Week Day 4 Program (12 November, 2021. Friday)

Holistic Health and Wellness in the Music Industry
Speakers: Rynda Laurel (VRYeveryday Mental Health and Wellbeing)
Marni Wandner Ashby (Equilibrium)
Nicole Blonder (Mute Records / Equilibrium)
Kenya McGuire Johnson (KenyaMJ Music Productions, LLC)

Live Streaming for the DIY Artist: Making it All Work on a Budget
Speakers: Ken Tizzard (Solo / Watchmen / Ron Hynes / Thornley)
Melissa Lamm (Melissa Lamm Music)
Hollister Joseph (Artist)

Echo Beach, Anatomy of a Hit: A Discussion With Songwriter Mark Gane of Martha and the Muffins
Speakers: Christopher Ward (Artist)
Mark Gane (Martha and the Muffins)
Martha Johnson (Martha and the Muffins)

Inside the METAVERSE!!
Speakers: Gleb Divov (FAYR Ecosystem)
Darryl Hurs (Indie Week / CD Baby)

Navigating the Canadian Music Industry In the LGBTQ2+ Community
Presented by SOCAN Foundation (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)
Speakers: BAYLA (Artist)
Tessa Balaz (Tessa Music)

Special 1-on-1 Interview: Martin Atkins
Speakers: Martin Atkins (Nine Inch Nails / Ministry / Public Image Ltd.)
Michael Raine (NWC)

(Final event on day 4): A Virtual MEET-UP

Presenting sponsors:
CD Baby, Slaight Music

Bandzoogle, CMRRA, Seneca


Festival/Conference partners:
Amplify Music, Global Toronto, Music Pro Award, ONGEA! Africaa, SIM Sao Paulo, Trends Brasil Conference, VMF Pro

Industry Partners:
CAB, LyricFind

Community Partners:
Over The Bridge

Panel Presenters:
ACTRA RACS, ADVANCE, CIMA, Global Affairs Canada, Music Publishers Canada,, SOCAN Foundation

Visit Indie Week’s official website here for more information of its program list and collaborators.

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