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World Music Central Selects 30 Best Albums of 2021

As much as this playlist is representing the year ending 2021, it’s also a fine selection of the best music albums in the World Music genre. A grand dedication to art that is worth more than the world is accepting right at this moment.

Daryana Antipova selects Khoomei Beat Best Album of 2021. Music Press Asia

Music and poem expressing nature and our communication with them have always been a spiritual endeavor for many. And World Music has always been the genre that represents most holistically the people who write and perform their art.

This year, World Music Central selects thirty albums that have in many ways deserve more than they are recognised for at the moment. Their songs and their performances act as cultural assets acting as ambassadors to the nation they live and work in, and the relationships they have with their way of living with nature.

Our editorial staff at Music Press Asia has listened to every single selection and marvel at the quality of these expressions that have historically passed on. As a dedicated follower of World Music Central and their musical taste, Music Press Asia shares their list of Best World Music Albums playlist for the year ending 2021.

“These albums made this year special for me: some of them I was listening to in the hospital waiting for delivery, some of them helped me to get through the first 3 months with the newborn Yaroslav, some I reviewed and received a lot of positive feedback and some are just great!” said Daryana Antipova.

World Music Central presents the Best World Music Albums of 2021 selected by its editors and contributors as below. Listen to the whole playlist at World Music Central’s official website, here. Names are arranged accordingly in the manner of Artist – Album – Producer/Publisher.

List by Daryana Antipova, Russia

San Salvador – La Grande Folie – La Grande Folie / Pagans / MDC
Mahsa Vahdat – Enlighten the Night – Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Staritsa – Klyukva – CPL-music
Khöömei Beat – Changys Baglaash – ARC Music
Various Artists – Henna: Young Female Voices from Palestine – Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Witch Camp (Ghana) – I’ve Forgotten Who I Used to Be – Six Degrees
Danyèl Waro – Tinn Tout – Cobalt / Buda Musique
Dalinda – Átjárók – Fonó
Vedan Kolod – Gorodische – CPL-music
Tania Saleh – 10 A.D. – Kirkelig Kulturverksted

[“San Salvador: La Grande Folie — hectic, headlong vocal tapestries…” quotes FTimes]

List by Madanmohan Rao, India

Samba Touré – Binga – Glitterbeat
Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Shaho Andalibi & Shariq Mustafa – This Pale – Lycopod
Various Artists – Cameroon Garage Funk – Analog Africa
Angelique Kidjo – Mother Nature – Decca
Femi Kuti & Made Kuti – Legacy + – Partisan
Las Lloronas – Soaked – Muziekpublique
Various Artists – Henna: Young Female Voices from Palestine – Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Baba Sissoko with Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Madou Sidiki Diabate, Lansiné Kouyaté – Griot Jazz – Caligola
Natacha Atlas – The Inner & The Outer – Wise Music Publishing
Antonis Antoniou – Kkismettin – Ajabu!

[Angélique Kidjo the Beninese icon builds upon a proudly pan-Africanist musical vision that celebrates the power of community.]

List by Angel Romero, USA

Khöömei Beat – Changys Baglaash – ARC Music
Rafiki Jazz – Nduggu Dust – Konimusic
Rubén Blades & The Roberto Delgado Orquesta – Salswing! – Ruben Blades Productions
Namgar – Nayan Navaa – ARC Music
Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Shaho Andalibi, & Shariq Mustafa – This Pale – Lycopod Records
Ogún Afrobeat – Unite – Ogun Afrobeat
Orquestra Afrosinfônica – Orin, a língua dos anjos – Máquina de Louco
Rachel Magoola – Resilience – Songs of Uganda – ARC Music
Petrona Martínez – Ancestras – Chaco World Music
Transglobal Underground – A Gathering of Strangers 2021 – Mule 20

[Orquestra Afrosinfônica – Orin, a língua dos anjos (Máquina de Louco, 2020) Orin, a língua dos anjos is the second álbum from a remarkable Brazilian composer Ubiratan Marques]

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