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September 26, 2022

DG artist Seong Jin Cho tour dates 2022 in Asia. Music Press Asia
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Seong Jin Cho 2022 Tour Dates In Asia

Seong Jin’s world tour is going strong with dates extending to early 2023. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan dates are secured for August and October 2022, respectively. Intense reflection and expressive insight are among the attributes cultivated by Seong-Jin Cho, qualities apt to connect with audiences at the deepest levels of imagination and emotion. Hailed by the Wall Street Journal…

World Music Festival 2021 6th Edition [Taiwan]

If you’ve been bottled up by the Covid-19 lockdowns and restriction in movement since March 2020, then you’ll want to get out for some fresh air. Perhaps even a little…

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32nd Golden Melody Awards 2021 Nominees

Here are the group nominees for Golden Melody Awards’ 32nd award show taking place on 21 August, 2021. 《 年度歌曲獎 》阿峰今天沒有來《給你們 Dear All》/何樂音樂有限公司﹙演唱者:萬芳﹚伯父《Outta Body靈魂出竅》/滾石國際音樂股份有限公司﹙演唱者:瘦子E.SO﹚若是明仔載 feat. ?te 壞特《自本》/滾石國際音樂股份有限公司﹙演唱者:曹雅雯;?te 壞特﹚在這座城市遺失了你《運氣來得若有似無【Easy Come, Easy…

鍾興民 is nominated under the Best Arranger category for Rock Records song sung by Olivia Tsao. Music Press Asia

Golden Melody Awards To Award Lo Ta-You

The 32nd Golden Melody Awards, after some delays, was recently announced for 21 August 2021, on a Saturday at the Taipei Music Center.  Nominees totalling 171 works was released by…

Lo Ta-You to receive special award from Golden Melody Awards. Music Press Asia
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