Wind Music To Feature Taiwanese Artists At Tallinn Music Week

Wind Music collaborates with music labels Soundpuzzle (Korea) and JV Promotion (Estonia) to feature live music curation at Tallinn Music Week

Wind Music x Tallinn Music Week. Music Press Asia

Founded in 1988 and the only six-time Grammy nominee label in Asia, Wind Music is Taiwan’s leading indie music company.

For its April schedule here in East Asia, Wind Music will be flying to Estonia’s Tallinn Music Week (April 3-7), alongside a delegate of musicians to perform live.

This marks the first collaboration for Peiti Huang (Wind Music) with two other international music labels: Sungchun Lee from Soundpuzzle (Korea) and Juliana Voloz from JV Promotion (Estonia).

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Together, they present the “Korea-Taiwan Flight” stage featuring two Taiwanese groups and four Korean groups, who will perform throughout the night on April 5th.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to the 2023 World Music Festival @Taiwan, where a delegate from Estonia, Juliana Voloz, recognized the potential of the Taiwanese artists and proposed this stage.

Among the Taiwanese artists are the indigenous powerhouse Sauljaljui and ethereal Hakka vocalist Leaf Yeh, both of whom showcased their talents at Korean festivals last year. Now, they’re set to captivate audiences in Tallinn, sharing the rich tapestry of Taiwanese culture with a global audience.

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[Leaf Yeh and Sauljaljui will represent Taiwan at Tallinn Music Week alongside Ohelen from Korea.]

With over 35 years of experience in the music industry, Wind Music has evolved from album retailing to offering comprehensive services including artist promotion, marketing, production, and event curation.

As the only Mandarin-speaking brand to have received seven Grammy nominations and won one Grammy Award, Wind Music continues to innovate and progress, focusing on international music exchanges and showcasing Taiwanese talent on the global stage.

In addition to the Taiwan and Korea performances, the three curators will host a conference to share their experiences organizing the show, offering a fresh perspective on European working practices and taking the first step in showcasing Asian stars to European audiences.

Wind Music curates Asian live acts at Tallinn Music Week. Music Press Asia

In the near future, Wind Music anticipates organizing more international events with different countries, showcasing Taiwanese culture on even bigger stages.

For more information about Wind Music Label, visit their official website here.

Tallinn Music Week, Estonia

The 16th edition of the international new music festival, Tallinn Music Week (TMW), is set to take place from April 3rd to April 7th.

With 165 artists from 35 countries lined up to perform in Estonia’s capital, TMW stands out as one of Europe’s most esteemed new music and city culture festivals, serving as a vital networking event for music and creative industry professionals.

JV Promotion Soundpuzzle Wind Music Partnership TMW. Music Press Asia
[L-R: Juliana Voloz (JV Promotion), Sungchun Lee (Soundpuzzle) and Peiti Huang (Wind Music) forms new partnership to bring live performances to Tallinn Music Week 2024. MPA]

TMW’s music programme is renowned for its diverse mix of talent spanning experimental electronica to classical genres, embodying the ethos of “Tomorrow’s Music, Arts, and Ideas.”

Curated by a team of Estonian and international experts, the lineup attracts around 20,000 festivalgoers and 1,000 industry professionals from around the world.

For more information about Tallinn Music Week, click here.

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