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March 30, 2020

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Tencent Talk China at Music Matters

Tencent Music Entertainment Group Talks China at Music Matters

Music industry leaders from Asia and rest of the world converged in one of the region’s most exciting music conference and festival All That Matters to discuss some of the most exciting issues before wrapping up the year 2017. While some of us may think about how we can promote our own music, movers and shakers from the music industry…

China’s Music Executives to Speak at Midem 2017

Topics pressurizing China music industry to date include copyrights, its media strategy and how its giant music providers are playing a part in promoting #antipiracy #music subscription – all part…

Midem to host Chinese contingent
Editor's Pick

Asia-Focus Panel at SXSW

Demystifying Asia’s Music Industry, chosen as the title for the panel, includes key industry leaders from Asia to discuss more in-depth topics in the growing digital part of the business…

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