China’s Music Executives to Speak at Midem 2017

The Asian market, one of the fastest growing markets in the world, is finally getting more panel time at Midem 2017.

Midem to host Chinese contingent

Topics pressurizing China music industry to date include copyrights, its media strategy and how its giant music providers are playing a part in promoting #antipiracy #music subscription – all part of a working successful model in China and its surrounding region.

‘The Roadmap to China’ panel taking place at the Worldwide Village will be discussing opportunities for international right-owners to penetrate the music market in China as the legal and licensed digital music ecosystem continues to develop. Invited panellists to include Lawyer of Intellectual Property & Corporate Affairs Tiantai Law, China – Cherry Guo Chunfei; Founder & CEO of Ultimate Music China – TC Pan; Founder of Amusic Rights Management – Billy Koh; and Managing Director of Outdustry – Ed Peto.

Other Chinese executives attending Midem include Chairman of Alibaba Entertainment Strategic Committee – Xiaosong Gao – a veteran who has made a name for himself as a music producer, songwriter, film director, talk show host and writer; Andy Ng – Vice President of Tencent Music Entertainment, one of Midem’s keynote speaker will be interviewed by Asia Bureau Chief – Rob Schwartz – on Ng’s perspective on digital monetisation, focusing on the music legislations and developing trends on digital music platforms in China.

Roadmap to China at Midem 2017

Roadmap to China at Midem 2017



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