Indian Hip Hop Label THE MVMNT Released Single, Debuts NFT Collection

Sajeel Kapoor (a.k.a Sez on the Beat) The Mvmnt Released Chaand Paar. Music Press Asia

Delhi & Mumbai based Indian hip-hop label THE MVMNT has recently released a new single ‘Chaand Paar’. The song is composed by veteran hip hop producer Sez on the Beat — the man behind mega hits ‘Mere Gully Mein’ and ‘Jungli Sher’ — and rappers Yungsta, DAKAIT and Aniket Raturi.

‘Chaand Paar’ is an inspiring Hindi hip-hop song about relentlessly chasing one’s dreams and realising one’s true potential. The music video follows the story of a taxi driver who works hard and makes sacrifices to earn a living so that he can buy his starry-eyed son a telescope, encouraging him to dream big. Theatre actor Anurag Verma was brought on to play the father’s role in the video.

The full-length album – titled ‘Chaand Paar’ – is expected to release in February 2022. THE MVMNT and its roster of artists Sez on the Beat, Yungsta, DAKAIT, Aniket Raturi and Lit Happu, all previously hinted at the upcoming album in an Instagram post.

Sez on the Beat, published by Outdustry Songs UK, is on his way to being a global hip-hop producer. Speaking about ‘Chaand Paar’, Sez on the Beat said: “This is the first single from our upcoming album, so it’s a special one. The album project will have different kinds of stories, but this single is the perfect start because it reflects our hunger to chase our ambition & dreams.”

Sez has produced the biggest names in India, including DIVINE, Badshah, Ritviz, Naezy, Ikka, Zaeden, Seedhe Maut & Prabh Deep, as well as international acts including PnB Rock, Rich The Kid, Neutro Shorty & Phora. He is an avid gamer and NFT collector, and has a wide taste in music. On top of the innovative hip-hop sound he is known for, he often ventures into R&B and pop.

Yungsta said: “Chaand Paar is a track which marks the beginning of a new phase for me as an artist. The vision is to be relentless and build towards that next level with THE MVMNT.”

Yungsta has recently been featured on Apple Music’s Up Next Local program. At the global level, Apple Music has picked artists such as Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Khalid, Megan Thee Stallion, and the local cohort boasts artists such as When Chai Met Toast, Arivu, Prabh Deep, Aditi Ramesh, Mali, KR$NA, Tienas, Tejas and Sandunes.

DAKAIT said: “[I’m] excited for the album’s first track. It’s a motivating one for me. Chaand Paar is about going beyond your limits while chasing your dreams no matter what it takes to reach there.”

Aniket Raturi said: “Chaand Paar for me is my heart reminding me to take on every hurdle in life with strength & belief. It’s about taking my art beyond, and building for myself the life I want.”

Watch and listen to the Chaand Paar, here. The full album, also titled Chaand Paar, will be released in February 2022, supported with a pan India live tour and NFT giveaways.

[Chaand Paar is released by Indian hip-hop music label THE MVMNT]

Song: Chaand Paar
Music Producer: Sez on the Beat
Performed & Written by: Yungsta
Performed & Written by: DAKAIT
Performed & Written by: Aniket Raturi
Mixing & Mastering: Sez On The Beat


Executive Producers:
Faizan Khan
Sez on the Beat

Artwork: Waddup JTN

Video Credits:

Idea & Concept: Liberal Arts Productions

Father: Anurag Verma
Son: Aarohan Shrivastava (Aadi)

Director: Lakshya Khanduri
Producer: Agrim Kohli
Direction Team: Siddhant Kala, Suraj Negi and TJ Raj
Director Of Photography: Suraj Negi
Creative Director: TJ Raj
Cinematographer: Dhruv Bhatnagar
Video Editor: Lakshya Khanduri
Colorist: Dhruv Khanduri
VFX: Aryan Ratra, Dhruv Khanduri, and Vishal Verma
Line Production: Siddhant Kala and Dhruv Bhatnagar
Production Team: Abhishek Raturi, Vivek Maheshwari, and Sumit Chamoli
Makeup and Hair: Ayushi Mamgain

Production House: Liberal Arts Productions

Thanks To: Parvinder (Param), Sumit Chamoli & Family, Vivek Maheshwari, Tushar Nanda.

Marketing Partner: Outdustry

Social Media Team:
Murtuza Gadiwala

NFT Collection: Moonhead Series

The music label has also announced its debut NFT collection on the WazirX NFT marketplace. The ‘Moonhead Series’ is a limited set of 17 NFT collectibles launched to mark the release date of the same single. Each of the 17 Moonhead characters, up for auction, have unique visual features and act as membership tokens for an exclusive community of fans and investors. Owners of the tokens also get 100% creative and commercial rights.

In a recent correspondence with Roochay Shukla from Outdustry – the music company handling the label’s distribution and marketing – said that the Moonhead Series is about to be sold out, making them the first-ever hip-hop label in India to have ever cracked the NFT space with a character series approach.

Read more about the Moonhead Series here.

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