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Mumbai-LA Singer Nikitaa Release New Song ‘Apsara’

Nikitaa release new single Apsara. Music Press Asia

Nikitaa, the Mumbai-LA-based goddess-pop singer, has garnered national attention for her music (Flaunt Magazine, Rolling Stone India, and Celeb Secrets), advocation for women, and most recently her work with collaborative music NFTs.

She recently released her new self-love-inspired single, “Apsara”. The single weaves her passion for female empowerment and identity with influences from her culture to create a unique sound that authentically represents who she is.

The upcoming single’s lyrics were written during the initial stages of the pandemic, a time she describes as, “feeling absurdly free to explore different ways to write, what to write about, and feeling free and willing to write more in Hindi as well.” It relays both her ties to Indian culture and newfound freedom as it mixes new and old-world elements.

“Apsara” opens with a flute which Nikitaa and Mukund Komanduri (producer) felt inspired by, she said it “made me think of an empowered, hypnotic feminine figure.” Later the track includes the sitar, veena, and bansuri– instruments that root the song in South-Asian culture. “Apsara” translates to a beautiful supernatural feminine being. They would often sing and dance and were pure sensual creatures, existing naturally. In Hindu mythology, Apsaras dwelled on earth as well as in the “heavens” with the Gods and Goddesses. They are often compared to nymphs, sirens, and demi goddesses.

“I wanted to use the Apsara concept to reintroduce my sensuality and sexuality. Previously on ‘Clutch,’ I’ve sung about this with the sole perspective of defining myself beyond the male gaze, but this one is more about the allure of what being feminine and comfortable with my sensual nature means to me – it’s playful and hypnotic this time around, tying deeply into my identity as a singer,” said Nikitaa on upcoming single, “Apsara”.

“Nikitaa represents a new generation of artist with much to give. Her talent is exponential in nature. What we are seeing is barely the tip of the iceberg. While it may take time to find the right producer and the right sound to your recording, Nikitaa seemed to have a propitious start. I can’t wait to hear more from her,” said Monica Tong, editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia.

Nikita has been working on a project involving collaborative music NFTs. The NFT is a first of its kind for two reasons – a first by an artist directly from India, and also one of the first collaborative music NFTs to exist.

More recently she released “Bad Trip Lofi (Amaal Mallik Remix),” which placed #41 in Manchester (Youtube Charts). Her 2021 release, “Boomerang” made it onto two charts on Apple Music in India placing #24 in Top 200 Pop and #155 in Top 200 All Genres.

In 2020, the transcontinental singer has put out more than four singles – “Tum Aur Main,” “Universe,” “Goddess,” and “Clutch” and sang for a Netflix film Masaba Masaba.

Listen and watch Nikitaa’s music and video on Youtube here.

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