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November 27, 2021

Mighty Little Bheem Netflix UNESCO Partner. Music Press Asia

UNESCO, Netflix Partner To Promote India’s Cultural Heritage

In a recent release UNESCO had announced a partnership with Netflix to create content that will celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. A cartooned series titled ‘Mighty Little Bheem’ has been created to target both tangible and intangible means to capture India’s beauty and charm. Food, traditions, languages and storytelling of its very first video has already…

Is Amazon Prime India Cheaper Than Netflix?

In its efforts to attract users to Amazon, it is giving Indian subscribers an introductory offer to purchase a one-year subscription to Prime (including access to Amazon Prime Video) for…

Amazon vs. Netflix: Music subscription-based services are competing for consumer shares in India

Is Playster The Next YouTube?

Calling itself ‘the Netflix of everything’, Playster has recently launched an ‘all you can eat’ offer allowing access to a range of subscription options involving e-books/audiobooks [$9.95], movies [$3.95], music…

Playster announce partnerships with Sony, Warner and The Orchard

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