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August 13, 2022

Squid Game is Korea most popular Netflix film 2021. Music Press Asia

Survey: Korean Content Reaches New Heights

The report revealed consumption of Korean cultural content rose in all categories in 2021. Korean cultural contents, led by the rise of K-pop and K-dramas, continued to gain global popularity in the past year, a survey showed earlier this month. An annual report jointly released by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and…

Music Education In The Right Direction

Wide Open Sky follows the heart-warming story of an outback Australian children’s choir. Chronicling their journey from auditions to end-of-year…

Wide Open Sky Directed by Lisa Nicol is now released on Netflix Australia. Music Press Asia
Editor's Pick

Coronavirus: Who’s There To Help?

Are you affected by what is happening across the region? We are putting together a list of links and communities and their initiatives launched to pull the creative pool together…

Avril Lavigne cancelled 11 world tour dates in Asia amidst the spreading coronavirus. Music Press Asia.

Is Amazon Prime India Cheaper Than Netflix?

In its efforts to attract users to Amazon, it is giving Indian subscribers an introductory offer to purchase a one-year subscription to Prime (including access to Amazon Prime Video) for…

Amazon vs. Netflix: Music subscription-based services are competing for consumer shares in India

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