Is Amazon Prime India Cheaper Than Netflix?

Amazon Prime is literally giving Netflix a run for its money. The subscription-based streaming platform owned by Amazon has recently made headway in India and has offered its lowest price ever.

Amazon vs. Netflix: Music subscription-based services are competing for consumer shares in India

Amazon vs. Netflix: Music subscription-based services are competing for consumer shares in India

In its efforts to attract users to Amazon, it is giving Indian subscribers an introductory offer to purchase a one-year subscription to Prime (including access to Amazon Prime Video) for only 499 rupees (USD$7.50).

In comparison to customers who are already subscribers in the U.S. and the UK who pays $9 a month for Prime Video, or $11 a month for Amazon Prime inclusive. Amazon have also recently offered its existing users an upgrade of only USD$7.99 for unlimited music service. What is effectively only a few cents a moth, India consumers are getting the whole package of the on-demand streaming – almost for no money.

The video service has not been officially launched. Nonetheless, content partnerships announcements from Amazon India and other reports can expect its imminent launch within the next few weeks.

Users in the U.S or UK may not need to feel that you’ve been ripped off as these two markets benefit from a whole host of benefits that are not fully available in India. These include the two-day free shipping, music streaming service, unlimited selection of book on Kindle, and unlimited free storage.

It is still early days to know what other perks will a user in India get to enjoy as the benefits only include one-day and two-day package delivery and early notice regarding online deals. The service has not made clear announcement as to how long the USD$7.50 introductory offer will last, or even what content it will be offering. What is undoubtedly clear is that it is cheaper than Netflix.

A little competition may help boost competitive sales. Let the battle of Netflix and Amazon Prime begin. Whatever the outcome, its the consumer who wins.

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