Split Works partners with Australia Council

In an effort to create opportunities and experiences in the music and art environment, Australia Council has recently announced its partnership with two music and art organisations in Shanghai China – Split Works and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre.

Split Works' recent music festival event: Concrete and Grass Music Festival Photography by Hu Xiaojie.

According to the Asia – Europe Foundation website, the partnership is aimed at creating opportunities to ‘build international expertise, international inter-cultural capability, foster industry relationships, and develop an understanding of the Chinese arts market.’

In recent years, China has expanded becoming the land of opportunities with its open door policy. Only the strongest survive and has created an influx of tourist and business opportunities that benefited this vast country including its people.

This programme has instantly created a direct approach towards working in the music and arts industry and will be a startup programme that will hopefully connect and foster a network of industry movers and shakers.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now available for arts managers, producers, marketing and communications professionals in Australia to apply for a Professional Arts Placement at Split Works, an arts and music management specialising in festival coordination.

Photography by Li Le Wei. Split Works partners with Australia Council to offer placements from Australia

Photography by Li Le Wei. Split Works partners with Australia Council to offer placements from Australia

Split Works is founded by Archie Hamilton and Nathaniel Davis 10 years ago that began as a music promotion company. It has since grown to become part of a group of music and entertainment service companies, which sit under the umbrella of Split United, a company that plays a huge role in creating a more sustainable ecosystem for music in China.

Criteria for the roles include experience working and/or living in China and also experience in project management in a festival environment. The position is also calling for people with passion for music and previous roles in music related work and projects.

Closing Date for applications: 28 November 2016. For more info about the placements, please click here.

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