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Mind Your Music Released ‘Beyond Blue’ For E-Line Media’s Game

– Inspired by award winning BBC series Blue Planet II, Beyond Blue original soundtrack is released under Mind Your Music/Universal Music New Zealand.
– The OST was produced by Karyn Rachtman (Pulp Fiction), featured 14 artists.

Beyond Blue OST is produced by award winning Karyn Rachtman for E-Line Media's game. Music Press Asia.

Beyond Blue OST is produced by award winning Karyn Rachtman for E-Line Media's game. Music Press Asia.

Produced for E-Line Media’s science-drive, ocean adventure game — inspired by award winning documentary series Blue Planet II by BBC — Beyond Blue was recently released by Mind Your Music and Universal Music New Zealand.

The soundtrack was produced by Karyn Rachtman (the executive soundtrack producer and music supervisor of some of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling soundtracks of all time, including Pulp Fiction, Mouline Rouge!, Clueless, The Spongebob SquarePants Movie and more.

With an eclectic mix of psychedelic indie-pop, electronic, alt rock, and world music, the soundtrack also includes songs by Muthoni Drummer Queen, LIPS, doubleVee, Slow Skies, Rachelle Eve, The Edisons, Vanderocker, Sophie Gibson and Amitė. 

Featuring 14 artists including The Flaming Lips, The Marías, TOKiMONSTA, Cass McCombs, Maisey Rika, award-winning composer Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, and newcomer Sophie Gibson.

The focus on incorporating music into the game in such a creative way stemmed from E-Line Media’s development process working with leading international ocean scientists.

Michael Angst, E-Line Media Creative Director and CEO, said: “We learned from scientists how music was such a huge part of their expeditions, from listening on the ships to finding a playlist as they traveled to the bottom of the ocean in submarines. So we knew the music had to be special, interactive and an emotional experience for players.”

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The Rachtmans curated the soundtrack to complement the unique narrative and environment of the game, where players are explorers experiencing the awesome wonder, mysteries, and creatures under the sea.

Karyn Rachtman is a fan of New Zealand music, and connected the dots to bring into the project several Kiwi artists, as well as award-winning New Zealand composer, arranger, and producer Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, who composed the Beyond Blue score and “Beyond Blue Original Theme,” previously worked with The Rachtmans on Netflix’s Moving Art series.

“Otis and I would constantly sit around trying to imagine what sounds, vibe, and lyrics would be on the world’s coolest underwater playlist compiled by scientists in a futuristic submarine. The soundtrack is truly international, reflecting the diversity of the characters and the discovery, awe, and impermanence of the oceans.” — Karyn Rachtman, producer of Beyond Blue

“Besides complementing the visual splendor and action on screen, the music of Beyond Blue plays several roles, serving the story as well as the interactive and listening experience of the game. You can unlock access to certain songs at various levels and express yourself by your selections,” said Otis Rachtman.

It’s limited-edition vinyl was available for pre-orders yesterday and 48 hours in advance for VMP Club members on Vinyl Me Please’s website beginning July 3, 2020.

Beyond Blue is currently available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Apple Arcade. To purchase the game, please click here.

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