Indonesian Singer Songwriter Pamungkas Released Latest Album ‘Solipsism’

Pamungkas tackles the meaning of solipsism in his latest album release. And if the meaning of solipsism is entirely in the questioning and relishing of self, then is it merely the aggrandizing of the perception to what we call life? 

Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.

Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.

Within the last three years, electronic pop artist Rizky Pamungkas has rather quietly and confidently mustered quite a number of listeners. Having only released the album ‘The End of Flying Solo Era’ last month with The PeoplePeople, a pseudonym which he uses with much deceptive naivete. And as impressively duplicitous as it may sound – in a very good way – went on to release another, entirely different, set of 11-song album ‘Solipsisim’ later in the same month.

Having healed from being almost deaf in both ears, Pamungkas now 26, remembered the early years as a child touring with his dad who owned artist management company, Oxygen Entertainment. And later on as a teenager, working and learning from prominent producer, Hari Budiman, who’d produced for the band – Element.

With hits such as ‘One Only’ (single from ‘The End of Flying Solo Era’) and ‘I love You But I’m Letting You Go’, Pamungkas is driven to keep on writing some of today’s most popular electronic pop in Indonesia — inspired by some of the greatest artists of the century including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chet Baker and Flout.

‘Solipsism’ is released by Pamungkas’ very own label, Mas Pam Records, co-owned with musician and songwriter, Prince Husein Novel Balweel.

Collectively, the editorial staff at Music Press Asia still regarded the album “Walk the Talk Remix” as our favourite. Why? Because of the collaborative nature it has with other producers whom we barely know, and how it has produced equally creative works. Definitely worth a mention here.

“Solipsism”, 2020 (Latest album)
“The End of Flying Solo Era”, 2020
“Flying Solo”, 2019
“Walk the Talk Remix”, 2019
“Walk the Talk”, 2018

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