Joox Launches New Karaoke Feature

Joox launch new karaoke feature. Music Press Asia

When was the last time you’ve had lots of fun, laughter and music singing karaoke with your friends?

JOOX today introduced the Karaoke function in ROOMS so that those who want to unwind and sing their hearts out through their favorite tunes while hanging out with the cheering audience.

What’s more, the excitement just got amped up because JOOX users may have a chance to win a special prize by completing Karaoke ROOMS missions during the launch period! So grab a mic, gather your friends and prepare to take center stage now!

“Music fans have always enjoyed sharing their beloved tunes and hits from their favorite artists among their friends and family. As part of JOOX’s commitment to cater to the needs and demands of music enthusiasts all over Asia, we are excited to roll out the new Karaoke ROOMS feature, which will not only allow JOOX users to chat, hang out and bond with the people closest to their hearts, but also highlight their musical talent and be a star on their special virtual stage.” – Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Joox.

Room hosts can swiftly switch from chat mode to Karaoke mode to let the music begin, then invite anyone in the room to sing solo or duet. Each singer can request three songs per person, and up to 50 songs per room at the same time – so everyone can take turns under the spotlight!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find and join a Karaoke Room you want to join;
  2. Or create your own room, set it to Karaoke mode, and invite friends to sing;
  3. Add songs to sing in Karaoke rooms.

Are you the shy type of member of your group? Don’t worry! Singers can choose between full video and audio with lyrics only when belting out their favorite hits. Options such as beauty filters and fun props are also available for those who want to decorate their virtual stage, along with other audio settings such as transposing song keys, reverb, and other mixer effects.

For a fully immersive musical experience, download the JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website. JOOX is now available on iOS, Android and Desktop (Windows/Mac).

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