Zendyll, The Kennel AB To Partner With Universal Music Singapore

Zendyll project Hometown Heroes Partners with Universal Music. Music Press Asia

Universal Music Singapore has just announced a new joint partnership that aims to open Singaporean music to the region. This venture will see Universal Music Group teaming up with local independent music and culture company Zendyll and Swedish production and music publisher The Kennel AB. Aiming to increase opportunities for local artists – both established and emerging voices.

Simon Nasser, Managing Director, Singapore & Head of Live, SEA says: “Zendyll’s artist roster has been absolutely impressive. We are excited about the expansion of our domestic portfolio through the distribution of their music.”

“Universal Music Singapore has been at the forefront of supporting local talents and this collaboration further fortifies our commitment to provide a platform for homegrown musicians to showcase their creative artistry to the world.”

The partnership sees an expansive potential of artist networks which will enable Singaporean acts to connect and engage with other musicians alike, and more importantly create collaborations.

“This partnership is a huge milestone for Zendyll,” says Jon Chua JX, founder of Zendyll. “We have built a solid reputation over the years, and partnering with The Kennel AB and UMG gives us an established presence in Singapore and the region.”

“Combining the resources and expertise from all stakeholders involved, it will open more doors, build a strong foundation for local artists and their music, and uncover more opportunities to create impactful experiences for our audiences in Singapore and beyond.”

Zendyll created “Hometown Heroes, an unprecedented documentary and gameshow series featuring the largest collection of music artists from Singapore. The series of episodes showcased teams of musicians, each comprising three artists and one producer, represent the four vast corners of Singapore — participants include Aisyah Aziz, evanturetime, Shye, RIIDEM and more.

The teams will then go head-to-head in an ultimate regional face-off that marries gameshow fun with a distinctly Singaporean intersection of local culture. Each of the four singles will be distributed through Universal Music Singapore in the coming month and will be made available on all digital streaming platforms.

Consequently, this deal is also being made whole with The Kennel AB, a music publishing, production and management company based in Sweden. As an independent music publishers, they have collaborated with hundreds of #1 chart hits – including hits by BTS, Red Velvet, Kygo, Pussycat Dolls, Icona Pop, The Sam Willows, Tabitha Nauser, Sezairi and many more.

With the addition of The Kennel AB, the partnership fully aims to springboard up-and-coming and indie artists from the Singapore scene, expanding the reach of local music and culture beyond our shores.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Zendyll and UMG on this progressive and dynamic three-way partnership,” says Julius Ng, Managing Director of The Kennel AB Asia.

“This is a great enhancement to The Kennel AB’s position as one of the world’s most successful production and independent music publishers, and we believe this partnership will create riveting and sustainable value for our clients and partners.”

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