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A Jakarta Release: ‘Before The Flame’ by Black Horses

Music Release from Jakarta, Indonesia: Band name: Black Horses; Music: Before the Flame

Indonesian band Black Horses released new rock gala song. Music Press Asia

Black Horses, a rock band from East Kemang, South Jakarta, has recently released a new song titled Before The Flame. Released by Indonesian music label – Palm House Records – Black Horses’ release marks a joyous exit to another year deep in pandemic, resonating positivity for the one next to come.

The decision to produce an album in October of 2020 titled Ballads of The Freedom Youth was hampered by the grim pandemic. Accepting the fact that a music release surrounding the LIVE music arena has abruptly moved on to digital streaming; an incredibly modern approach to live music releases, today.

For this album, Black Horses invited Coff’s keyboardist – Adhika Rudhi – to collaborate in exploring and arranging lyrics. Writing lyrics for a genre as specifically as Gala-Rock can be a challenge in today’s world, but they seemed to have got great parts of it right.

Mixing and mastering for the song are executed by Kevin Indriawan (guitarist) and Aldino Hendar Kristianto (Black Horses soundman) in their very own studio, Sajam. Before The Flame cover artwork is created by East Java-based artist, Dimas Aziz.

Black Horses is writing specifically for Gala-Rock, a genre we all know little via its name. However, with the strong presence of the classic outburst of an electric guitar and base, it is where we gathered that music knows no bounds. Never mind when it was first heard of in the history of music, classic rock has a unifying element whenever it is being performed. No matter how free-spirited that choice may be, today.

The song – released on 10 December – is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Contact Palm House Records here.

Here’s our very own selection recommended for your playlist:
[Official Video] Black Horses Live at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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