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Yamaha Promotes Emerging Artists

Yamaha promotes emerging artists, launch 3-episode series documentary

Yamaha Promotes Emerging Artists. Music Press Asia

In this three-part documentary series, six emerging artists get together for an exclusive song writing experience in Barcelona. Titled House of Talents the documentary is part of Yamaha’s project – WAY UP – that provides a platform for new talents. For three days, these six songwriters live in a villa filled with instruments and a home studio in almost a surreal condition with one mission in mind; to collaborate, create music and then perform live.

In the first episode, the film sees these six artists form teams solely to write and compose. The beginning of this journey would probably be the most vulnerable stage for them and the film manages to capture the intimate atmosphere; from getting to know each other, to writing lyrics and composing melodies.

Following the first day, the team began to record their ideas down during sessions in the studio. Recording sounds collected from ripples of waters, tapping the tree trunk to rustling of the leaves leaves, the participant forms elements of a song and its layers of complexity. While this is a short documentary seemed to be fully sponsored by Yamaha, no such gig can end without the appearance of another artist to give support. Miki Santamaria, a Yamaha ambassador pays a visit and inspires the creative processes at hand.

In the final episode, all six artists performed to each other the songs which they have created together. This isn’t so much of a documentary per se, but the film has captured the genuine personality within a contained environment how music can truly be created organically. It also provides a great visual displaying some of the coolest Yamaha digital assets. A refreshing advertising for a brand that has transcended time and time again deserving of its taste and audience.

Participant artist involved in this project are as below:

  • Olivia Dean
  • JNR Williams
  • Sara Cruz
  • Ignacio Serrano
  • Rubin Henkel
  • Marc Mâhfoud

Watch the episodes here:

Episode 1:

Episdoe 2:

Episode 3:

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