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CISAC: We Need A Bigger Part Of The Digital Cake

CISAC/JASRAC press conference calls for updated private copying systems to help authors in the digital era.

CISAC and JASRAC held a press conference today in Japan. Gadi Oron called for updating private copying systems. JASRAC President Michio Asaishi said he would continue lobbying creators in Japan and Asia. CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre declared that "creators need to get a better part of the digital cake"

On May 31, 2019 CISAC and its Japan member society JASRAC held a press conference in Tokyo. Topping the agenda is for fair remuneration from digital services and increasing private copying levies as part of the region’s campaign.

JASRAC President Asaishi Michio opened the conference and called for stepped up action by governments, digital platforms and device manufacturers.

Asaishi Michio, Vice Chairs on the CISAC Board of Directors, said his appointment reflected JASRAC’S leading role in lobbying for stronger rights for authors both in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

JASRAC priority at this point in time focuses on updating Japan’s obsolete private copying system to the range of devices on which copies are made in the digital market. And highlighted the decision by CISAC’s assembly to approve a resolution by its Regional Asia-Pacific Committee, specifically for “a new, functional, updated, modern and equitable private copying remuneration system in Japan”.

Japan’s current private copying law, last updated in 1998, is very limited in its scope, covering only recording equipment and media formats that are now largely obsolete.

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CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre pointed to the profound global implications of the European Union Copyright Directive adopted in April 2019. The directive, he said, strengthens the position of creators in their relations with digital platforms.

“The internet is still very young. The European Parliament adopted legislation which helps enter in a more adult world in creators’ relations with the internet.” 

— Jean Michel Jarre, President of CISAC

Jarre recognises the importance of the services derived from a smartphone of which creators and creative content are fueled from. “This is our content and we need to get a bigger part of the digital cake”, added Jarre.

According to CISAC’s Global Collection Report: Representing only around four percent of global collections from the global private copying collections which totaled more than USD$500 million, CISAC understands the substantial potential for growth if private copying systems and laws are improved across the world.

Recommending that the regime in Japan should be reviewed to meet international level, CISAC Director General Gadi Oron supports the request, adding that: “To see just how little is collected in Japan, I don’t think we need any more evidence of the need to improve and update the system”.

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