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Muserk To Partner With JASRAC Japan’s Music Copyright Society

Muserk and JASRAC announced partnership. Music Press Asia

Muserk and JASRAC announced partnership. Music Press Asia

Last week, Muserk announced its partnership with JASRAC, the leading music copyright society in Japan.

Focusing on the rights of authors, composers and publishers, this partnership is aimed at ensuring a seamless collection of JASRAC’s U.S.-based mechanical rights using proprietary tools like MPAC® and MMatch®.

“JASRAC was founded in 1939 by Japanese composers and lyricists to protect the copyrights of musical works,” said JASRAC’s director in charge of international, Saito Mami.

“We are happy to partner with such an innovative company that recognizes the abundance and importance of JASRAC repertoire on YouTube in America. I look forward to this agreement with Muserk bringing good results for Japanese rights owners.”

As Japanese music and content on YouTube become increasingly popular in the U.S., both companies see the benefits in its position to grow within the complex global online music business.

According to the release by Muserk, both MPAC® and MMatch® were specifically designed to find usage of its customer’s data among large datasets while automating the entire royalty chain.

Founder and CEO of Muserk, Paul Goldman: “We are very excited to be working with JASRAC…This partnership will help to extend the practice of proper remuneration of rights owners globally.”

Another big step towards embracing innovative data management technology, JASRAC like many other music copyrights society in the region, is going digital. This happens not because it wants to. But representing one of the largest rights societies outside of the U.S. may just mean that large data are at risk too and hence applying a digital solution that can, according to Muserk, ‘replace the work of hundreds of people accurately and in a fraction of the time.’

For more information about Muserk’s latest initiative Indie Relief Project, please click here.

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