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Music Festival KL Jamm Showcase Big Malaysia Lineup

The 3-day music festival, set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, will be headlining the region’s top K Pop, Hip Hop, Rock and Soul acts featuring Joe Flizzow, Sheila Majid, Yung Raja, OAG, Zamani, Zainal Abidin, and more…

NCT Dream to perform at KL Jamm, Kuala Lumpur

NCT Dream to perform at KL Jamm, Kuala Lumpur

From April 26th-28th, KL JAMM debuts its first music festival boasting an extraordinary line-up merging popular acts from Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea set at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

Malaysian Jazz Queen Sheila Majid and 90s pop sensationalist Zainal Abidin, together with Afdlin Shauki, opens the festival with mega concert “Re-Jamm”, a 90-minute show said to relive the nostalgia of “Ikhlas Tapi Jauh”, a concert held at Stadium Merdeka 26 years ago. The trio will also be belting out Abidin’s “Hijau” and other international classics set for 9pm at Stage 1, MITEC.

In a recent interview with New Strait Times, Sheila Majid commented that: “It is going to be an interactive show where audiences will get to sing along with us…” and expressed her gratitude to KL Jamm’s organising chairman Datuk Norman Abdul Halim for providing a “strong platform” that supports Malaysian artists and collaboration with the region’s top acts.

L-R: Yung Raja, Bunkface and Geisha to perform at Kuala Lumpur’s music festival KL Jamm.

KL Jamm’s opening night will also feature 13 Malaysian Tamil stars including Santesh, Rabbit and Sheezay, Kashmir Stone JG, Darkey, Lock up, VJ Emergency, Balan Kashmir, DJ Mastermind, Buggimaan, MG Vijai and Craankstar & Psychomantra — ALL in a 4-hour variety concert “Malaysia Passangge Jamm”.

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For more information about KL Jamm Concert, ForuMuzik and MusicXpo and ticketing information, please click here.

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