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May 25, 2024

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia

Not Shying Away From The Limelight

When we first hear in the wireless that there is going to be another Hard Rock in Malaysia, our heart pounce not because we know that it is another stunning hotel. But because of how enduring the brand has achieved over the years synonymous to the dedication it has in advocating its rock theme. Perhaps a little perplexed on the…

Butterfingers Makes a Comeback at Rockaway

What felt like eternity was released in a moment after Livescape released one of the finest lineup the country has ever seen to date. There’s no holding back as the…

Scorpions, Alleycats, and Zainal Abidin headlining Rockaway Malaysia. Photo Courtesy of Rockaway.

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