Butterfingers Shares Stage with Alleycats at Rockaway

Who’s sharing the same stage with Alleycats at Rockaway this year?

Alleycats to perform at Rockaway organised by Livescape Group.

Alleycats to perform at Rockaway organised by Livescape Group.

Rockaway – The Saga Continues…

The tone has already been set for the second part of the festival to take place at the Extreme Park Bukit Jalil. Come 19 November, the rock festival will feature some of the strongest Rockaway line up yet including the long awaited Butterfingers, Third Eye Blind, Alleycats, Zainal Abidin, and more.

Slated as one of the biggest rock festival in Malaysia to date, the November event will span across three stages with over 28 acts and 15,000 rockers. The first episode of Rockaway took place at the Sepang International Circuit on 29 & 30 October and featured the legendary German rock band Scorpions, Aussie band Wolfmother, and Malaysian mainstays Wings and Muzza’s Mayhem. The two-day event saw just about 20,000 attendees.

Livescape Group has been organising some of the liveliest music scene in Malaysia focusing on inviting local acts to be part of its rocking line up. Their latest and largest events to date include IT’S THE SHIP, Electric Run, Sleepless Society Singapore, Future Music and Rockaway.

The superb line up for this year showcases Livescape’s capability as a creative entity focusing on providing entertainment to youth centering around music. Their constant push towards promoting local acts have greatly lifted the standard of acts in Malaysia and for the first time in Malaysian history put together collaborations between international and local indie acts.

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