Malaysia Welcomes Wired Music Week

Catch Wired Music Week one of the first educational music conference focusing on electronic music this coming weekend at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Give it a go at expanding your horizon.

Wired Music Week aims to educate a newer generation of electronic music enthusiasts and open up opportunities for talent directly connected to labels.

Malaysia is finally taking a stand as part of a growing demand to satiate the interest for electronic music as the RBRN IDEAS team prepares to take over Tamarind Square at Cyberjaya debuting its very first Wired Music Week [WMW] come this weekend. Led by Malaysia-based and founders John Beh and Michael Mah, WMW is tarring the reeducation of the most controversial music genre in human history – electronic music. Over the years, ever since the incident at Future Music Festival Asia 2013, this stereotypical anti-establishment genre hasn’t really redeemed its position in the country and the surrounding region. But that’s all going to change now!

Pioneering the first ever music conference in Malaysia dedicated to electronic music (yes, an event as such is long overdue), John Beh and his team have set themselves up upon an ascending challenge in the name of music carrying a hope that more people will come to understand the impact of this genre. Whether it carries the image of the underground or mainstream, this more-than-a-decade-long attraction over the Asian region hasn’t seen a dip since 2008 as it resurfaced with the popularity of free streaming provided by sites like YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify. Just as Jazz is deeply rooted in blues and ragtime, electronic music stood the test of time, evolving into a variety of styles. So, the burning question is – why should we be surprised if electronic music is naturally going through a similar progression?

You may be amazed to find out that electronic music has been a staple genre, albeit its underground and alternative character since the early 20th century. And electronic instruments were already being experimented by classical composer such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Saint-Saens, Max Bruch, and many more, whose music are still officially termed classical music from the 20th century till today. Earliest devices used in composition to produce electronic sound include the theremin, synthesizer and computer.

WIRED MUSIC WEEK aim to simply bring back that naiveté and new found curiosity towards a greater understanding for electronic music. In its latest press release, it highlights their objective as a platform and incubation space to foster “healthy growth and development of the music industry on an international scale… among younger generation and unravel local talents”. The event sheds light to Malaysia’s current state facing uncertainties – shadowing an impeccable shift in the mentality of Malaysians within this generation who’d also saw leaping growth outside of Malaysia: a disruptive digital age in commerce.

With an experienced committee formed by sheer passion for electronic music, WMW will not only host an international battalion of industry geeks and experts known for their long-term commitment to the evolving scene, but it’s also setting a precedence for Malaysia to start taking a stand and active role in developing a voice for the electronic music community nationwide.

With a bucket full of programmes lined up for the 2-day event, it is already turning heads with the announcement of prolific speakers leading dynamic topics, masterclasses and performances by local and international DJs spanning Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, the UK, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia and Thailand. Amidst the hype surrounding the event, the organiser, in favour of keeping the steam up for a little while more, has also come up with a contest that will fully fund the winner’s trip to ADE in Amsterdam later in the year. All you need to do is prepare a 30-mins LIVE set video and purchase the WMW 2-day ticket. Please click HERE for info about the contest.

Wired Music Week Cyberjaya

Speakers attending Wired Music Week Cyberjaya

As an Asia-based publication, it is in our publication blood to support Asia-based acts. As South Asia shifts to becoming a more dominant player in the music industry, we fly the flag of undying love and support to artists speaking and performing at WMW including (RayRay [Taiwan], Jenil [Philippines], Currley [Malaysia], 22Bullets [Thailand], Goldfish & Blink [Malaysia], Vessbroz [Malaysia], and Tsunano [Taiwan]).

Wanna get booked for a music festival but not knowing how? Snap a chance to ask the booking directors that ultimate question at the “Asia Promoter Panel: Tap Into The Mind Of The Promoter” panel. Let Reason Xie [Booking Director of Taiwan’s most progressive music festival – theLoop], together with Iqbal Ameer [Livescape Group], Ayudita Hariadi [Booking Director of Ismaya Group], and Rachata Thunyavuthi [Founder of One Agency / ZAAP] whisk you away with their latest musical choices, double slash that repeat button and keep them awake at night.

What is the secret to success? Just like any artist hoping to achieve a successful career in entertainment, it takes more than just passion to build a repertoire of tracks that will magically launch your DJ career. “Building Your Artist Profile” panel will see Malaysia-based artist Goldfish & Blink (Malaysia) and 22Bullets  (Thailand) share their long- and short term goals to building a firm foundation as DJs.

In your dream to becoming the next top DJ, check out production masterclasses for tips and industry standards by Malaysia-based DJ Vessbroz. Tis’ the chance of a lifetime to dream big, baby, so fire away and do not shy away from asking questions.

Whether you are at the start of a journey of discovery, or just hoping to build up more creative inspirations in music making as a professional producer, having the right software and hardware takes you a step forward to achieving your ultimate hit song. Professionally certified by Ableton, check out Reuben Samuel from Mile High Sounds in a ‘Live Performance With Ableton’.

So, there you go folks. By the time you’ve finished reading this far, I congratulate you! Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s very first electronic music conference at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya come 12th and 13th May. Whether you like it or not, we care that you now have an opinion about one of the most exciting and forward times in the electronic music scene taking place at your doorstep. And for that matter, we credit the organising team at Wired Music Week for their bold and relentless rage for the industry underdog – to raise awareness of what is to come.

For more information about Wired Music Week, please click here.

Schedule and Program For 12th and 13th are as below.

Wired Music Week, Cyberjaya

Wired Music Week, Cyberjaya

Wired Music Week

Wired Music Week

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