How To Monetize Your Music Online? Rightsify Pays Directly To Artists

Rightsify distributes it’s members music widely so artists can monetise their music in public spaces anywhere in the world.

Rightsify is Pasadena-based tech company in California

Rightsify, a music licensing and royalty collection agency based in Pasadena, California, and with authorised licensing agents in over 20 countries, provides a new way for artists to make money from their music. Rightsify operates a music streaming service for businesses that is available globally and includes all licensing rights needed for a business to legally play music. With over 300 artist members, it works via direct licensing and partners with independent artists and then provides their music to brands via curated and custom playlists and ensures that artists get paid every time their music is played.

“We currently represent over 10,000 songs across almost every genre,” said Alex Bestall, Founder of Rightsify. 

Once they have been approved they can sign up, start uploading their music and then Rightsify adds their music to curated playlists based on style, mood and business type. From there, an artists music is made available to Rightsify’s network of businesses all over the world.

Rightsify distributes it’s members music widely so artists can monetise their music in public spaces anywhere in the world.

“We work with everything from cafes to restaurants, gyms and hotels across Asia as well as having resellers who represent Rightsify in Malaysia, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines,” added Bestall.

Historically, a wide majority of artists have not been paid any royalties when their music is played in businesses because of the way license fees are collected and paid from businesses as the PRO’s and collection societies had no way of knowing what music was played.

Alex Bestall also commented: “At Rightsify we focus entirely on providing music for business use. Most music monetization platforms are consumer facing and rely on advertising or personal subscriptions, every business needs a license to legally play music so it’s a multi-billion dollar market that has often been ignored by the industry.”

With Rightsify, all usage data is logged and tracked to ensure that every time a song is played the artist gets paid. Some of the benefits for artists include direct payment to artists every month; and also  first-class analytics dashboard with stats on what cities, countries, and types of businesses their music is being played in as well as detailed analytics on how each song has performed. For more info, check out their website for more benefits.

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