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August 13, 2022

Squid Game is Korea most popular Netflix film 2021. Music Press Asia

Survey: Korean Content Reaches New Heights

The report revealed consumption of Korean cultural content rose in all categories in 2021. Korean cultural contents, led by the rise of K-pop and K-dramas, continued to gain global popularity in the past year, a survey showed earlier this month. An annual report jointly released by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and…

Why Music Producers Should Attend Mu:con?

Discover Mu:con from Don M’s perspective; the challenges and sustainability of being a music producer in Asia, being part of the Korean pop culture, and trends that the West are…

Don M remain as one of the only few that has a break into the music industry in South Korea.
Editor's Pick

Sound City Goes To Zandari Fest

The festival will officially be hosting Sound City that consists of six British acts/artists delegates from the UK, including Atlas Wynd, Coquin Migale, I Set The Sea On Fire, She Drew…

Sound City Takeover at Zandari Festa to feature the best emerging artists from Britain

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