Sound City Goes To Zandari Fest

Zandari Festa, a South Korea indie music festival, is collaborating with Sound City to showcase some of the upcoming new indie acts from Britain.

Sound City Takeover at Zandari Festa to feature the best emerging artists from Britain

The festival will officially be hosting Sound City that consists of six British acts/artists delegates from the UK, including Atlas Wynd, Coquin Migale, I Set The Sea On Fire, She Drew The Gun, Sugarmen and Elle Exxe. They are set to perform at South Korea’s most popular indie festival from Sept 30 to October 3.

Set to take place at Freedbird in Hongdae, Seoul, the event co-hosted by Sound City will see more showcase of artists from Britain this year. Other music organisations involved in the partnership include PRSF, Generator, DMF Digital, BIMM, PledgeMusic, Sentric Music and Liverpool International Music Festival.

Sound City is UK’s largest independent music fest partners with arts funding organisations Arts Council England and British Council. The collaboration saw Yorkshire act – Fizzy Blood – signed to a Love Rock Company, a label from Korea. The collaboration is a succession of the partnership forged in 2013 when Zandari Festa showcased five Korean artists at the Liverpool Sound City.


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