Highlights at Northern Music Festival Asia 2022

NMF2022 Malaysia audience. Music Press Asia

It may have been pretty rough, to say the least, for Malaysia’s live music industry. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger could easily be the motto of every live event promoter this year.

Bouncing back, the Northern Music Festival Asia takes on an unpretentious approach to ‘get things back on the road’ for most of its colleagues in the entertainment scene with the third edition of NMF.

Held at Auto City, Juru, Penang, musicians, its organiser, and festival goers braced a hot sunny Saturday to see a showcase of nineteen bands share a stage.

NMF 2022 Lineup:

Airinna Namara
Death of Heather
Des Panik!
Empty Page
Maruxa Lynd & The Reckless Escapades
Massacre Conspiracy
Night Skies & Visions
No Good
One Buck Short
Pasca Sini
Saiko Rama

Aman RA debuted “Runcit”, an unreleased track, featuring Dato’ Maw and Kudoshi. After a four-minute blackout on Jemson’s set, they drove the crowd with their hit song “Lagu Paling Kecewa Di Dalam Dunia”. One Buck Short won the hearts of the crowd by being their most nostalgic selves. Headlining the day, Massacre Conspiracy closes the show just before midnight.

Saiko Rama, at the last minute, became the opening act. Over the course of the one-day festival, over 1,500 people were recorded to have entered the festival ground.

Asked how the audience has enjoyed the lineup in this edition, the festival promoter said, “The audiences enjoyed a mixture of young and established artists from various genres – from rock, indie, pop, punk, metalcore to hip hop, R&B and 80s. It was our 3rd installation of NMF after 6 years since 2016. So, we’re happy to see the brand rebooted again especially after the pandemic, against all odds we managed to pull it off. The Northern crowds can’t be happier to see the event started again there.”

Northern Music Festival has been held sporadically over the past decade. The first edition, held in 2012, featured post-hardcore veterans Love Me Butch alongside Thailand’s TUAN and Submarine, pop-punk band Dichi Michi and hardcore act The Padangs. In 2016, its second edition of the festival was a two-day affair that featured the likes of OAG, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Couple and Oh Chentaku.

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