Sound & Electronic Producer Mervin Wong To Perform Live at The Nest

24OWLSG to feature Mervin Wong at The Nest. Music Press Asia

Flock at The Nest (24OWLSSG) kicks off the return of live shows at the Pasir Panjang Power Station A in 2022 with what promises to be a riveting and ethereal performance by sound artist/electronic producer Mervin Wong.

The music series is an exclusive showcase for musicians to present original content and fine hone their skills at live shows. The first edition featured Benjamin Kheng, lewloh and Marian Carmel, while the second was a Christmas edition with Aisyah Aziz, Lorong Boys and Nathan Hartono.

Mervin will perform music from his latest release, the four-track EP, Akasha. Originally presented as a live listening experience, it was borne out of a collaboration with multidisciplinary artists Joshua Tirados Suarez and Sarah Isabelle Tan who work with solid volumes and fluid fabrics in a collection of gorgeously tactile works called BREATH.

Akasha is his active listening response towards the works of his partners. “I felt air, the ether, or sound was the unspoken element that threaded through the fabrics (Josh) and the concrete (Sarah),” Mervin said. “I felt this was something substantial within me that I wanted to share with the world, hence the intention of releasing Akasha as an EP.”

Raised in chambers of string, Mervin Wong took a moment to recognise the viola as his truest limb. His show at Flock is guaranteed to be an all-encompassing experience, driven by performance, and enhanced by object, texture, tone, and place.

“I am fascinated by the etymology of ‘Akasha’, in terms of its Vedic roots and its symbolism towards the ‘ether’, and specifically the concept of ‘The Akashic Records’ being a point of singularity for the collective consciousness of all sentient beings, or a record that can be sort of tapped into or accessed,” Mervin added.

This third edition will be held on Friday 25 March, 2022 at The Nest, a cozy, intimate area at the Power Station and a platform for audiences to discover new talents.

The showcase at The Nest is important for him, he said: “More than producing and composing, the act of performance is one that is crucial to how I feel about telling a story or an experience. I intend to translate the essence of the EP into a live performance that transports listeners on this journey.”

Ticketing Details:

Date: Friday, 25 March 2022
Venue: Pasir Panjang Power Station A
Time: 8.00PM [Tickets are selling for $33 each (including $3 booking fee). Click here to buy tickets. Show runs from 8.00PM to 9:00PM (60mins)]

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