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Malaysia Underground Electronic Music Conference Launch New Segment “Connect: China”

Wired Music Week returns for the 3rd edition this March 2020. Music Press Asia.

When the congregation of electronic music enthusiasts in Asia found a temporary home with the International Music Summit (IMS) which ran Asia-Pacific’s leading electronic music conference, our hearts skipped with roaring excitement.

The key element to any ‘niche’ conference is sustainability. And as the annual event shifted its location from Singapore to Shanghai, China, we felt it was only a natural progression to have the largest buyer in Asia-Pacific take on the role as host.

However, as much as we’d very much like the genre to officially move mainstream, the progression of hiccups which followed perhaps described as it being ‘built on a house of cards’ finally took its toll in late 2017. IMS Shanghai did not return the following year, or the subsequent years thereafter.

As quick as the industry was forming, the key networkers and new players found themselves standing alone, again, after just over a handful of meetups.

Understanding the demand in a niche market, founder of Wired Music Week, John Beh set an uphill task in 2018 by launching his most radical idea today, for the sake and love for electronic music. And had been holding up the fort ever since.

Third edition in, and after running multiple WMW Sessions, a sub-program held over the last two years in Vietnam, Philippines, Jakarta and Brunei, it is about to get even more exciting.

“Wired Music Week is leading the underground electronic music network in Asia-Pacific at the moment ever since the last IMS in Shanghai in 2017. And it’s still the leading conference where we can meet new talents in the region,” commented a producer of an electronic music label based in Amsterdam.

Wired Music Week, the annual electronic music conference, is set to hold their very first edition in a new location – Genting.

Nestled in the Titiwangsa highlands northeast of Kuala Lumpur, Zouk Genting will host WMW’s latest Malaysia edition on 12-15 March 2020. Taking on the theme on sustainability, the 4-day conference is WMW’s second edition in partnership with Zouk, the first club that pioneered clubbing in Singapore and introduce House music to the scene.

Its latest roster of new partnerships with Paul Neuteboom, Plural Asia and Zouk Genting was announced in October last year.

Its newest brand initiative Wired Black, in partnership with Plural Asia, is focused on a key theme “Evolution.Revolution”, specifically aimed at discussing the current strength and development of the underground electronic music scene in Asia.

WMW also runs its sub-program called WMW Session, now expanding to different countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Jakarta, Brunei and more.

Latest speakers (updated on 22 February 2020):
Victor G (W Hotel KL)
Kenny Wee (Ohrwurm)
Daniela Horeanga (Art Xtreme Media)
Karla Wong (Plural Asia)
Nazreen Mawie (Voidrealm)
Amanda Chin Tsai (Iron Fairies KL)
Oliver Osborne (Eyes to The Front)
CEE (Ableton)
Westseven (Anjunadeep/Soul De Anima)
Arzuk Qursheed
Daaliah (Saturday Selects)
Analog K (Saturday Selects)
Robb Harker (Supermodified Agency)
Marc Robers (Fmly Asia)
Zig Zach (Blackout Agency)
Adam Mathews (Plural Asia)
Godwin Pereira (Club Kyo)
Arthur Velasquez (Prelude/Exploding Plastic)
Philipp Grefer (Wise & Fake Music Media)
Mikhail Schemm (Unknown/CC:Concepts)
Sunju Hargun (Karma Klique)
Sarayu Sriyuksiri (More Rice)
Munir (Midnight Runners)
Olivia Wycech (Mixmag Asia)
Donald Hau (Mixmag China)
Jason Cheah (The City List KL/ The Star)
Wayve Lee (Zouk SG)
And more…

** Correction updates 25 February 2020, 3:02 PM: The Connect: China pillar has been cancelled and will no longer be scheduled to take place at Wired Music Week this March. For more updates on the latest programs, please click below.

For detailed programs and panel schedules, please click here.

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