Yuna’s Defiant Album Rouge Is Out, Drops ‘Does She’ Lyric Video: A Collab With Jay Park

Music Press Asia: YUNA launches fourth studio album "Rouge". Photo credit: BUILD Series

Music Press Asia: YUNA launches fourth studio album "Rouge". Photo credit: BUILD Series

Right after she released the teaser singles of ‘(Not) The Love Of My Life’ and ‘Likes’, Yuna finally dropped her latest album “Rouge” on the same day she released the lyric video of the single she collaborated with former K-pop boy band 2pm frontman, Jay Park.

Between synth-heavy and nu-disco, ‘Does She’ is simply a showcase of striking musical creativity in its purest form. And for the first time, we may just have to accept that a music video is totally superfluous.

/// Listen to “Does She”, a collaboration with Jay Park, here ///

Before we could grasp the musical genre that encapsulates what ‘Rouge’ truly means, it was all the disco moves that gave away all the amazing surprises. This record oozes everything that shouts a confident and self-assured Yuna. While her previous album may not have represented the Achilles heels of her creativity, the comparison with ‘Rouge’ was obvious that the musician has moved on. She seems happy to have reached this point — a place where she is her true self. Shown on the front cover of the album, she stands tall; almost full frontal in what seem like a fluffy net-like tulle, her most daring cover yet.

While Yuna’s Blank Marquee, featuring G-Eazy, is a 80s-inspired, funky pop song of which its visuals illustrate Yuna as an accomplice that follow a terrifying chase and escape from the bad guys, it was her collaboration with Pink Simz releasing ‘Pink Youth’ that propelled modern creativity and growth confidently singing “A little more lipstick baby, yeah, A little more knowledge baby, yeah in the opening lines — accompanying the song was an animated film by Echo Bridge Pictures and Verve Forecast Records — as part of the release of eleven songs under the album Rouge with Universal Music Group.

This is Yuna’s second collaboration with a South Korean act. She was featured on ‘No Different’ – Epik High’s new album “Sleepless In ___”

‘Does She’ is co-written by Yuna and Sam Farrar from Maroon 5.

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