Hong Kong’s Prominence As Entertainment & Food Hub

Dubbed the “Oriental Hollywood”, Hong Kong is a place where entertainment and local living intersect.

Hong Kong has been a cultural tourist hot spot as long as we can remember. Food and entertainment live side by side – a culmination that sums up the DNA of Hong Kong lifestyle.

Bowie Tsang (daughter of famous Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang) and Alan Ko (son of legendary stuntman/actor Blackie Ko) have recently revisited places in Hong Kong where their fathers began their movie careers. Starting from Old Town Central, they take viewers to iconic movie locations to relive the scenes and, with the help of local expert guides, head out to new spots where the next big movie may be shot. Food, of course, was the main reason for such an adventure.

“…Old Town Central has been given new life in recent years and the hidden zone in Sheung Wan/ Central has been transformed in to a new hip area nicknamed POHO,” said Bowie Tsang.

The documentary marks their journey back to some of Hong Kong’s memorable sites including tthe Tai Ping Koon Restaurant, an iconic time-honoured restaurant serving Hong Kong-style western food. Over the years, Central – the area packed with some of the world’s latest fashion brands – has also been a major attraction due to some of the prominent movie shoots happened in the past including the Mid-Levels Escalator where Faye Wong would peep the life of Tony Wai in the Hong Kong classic Chungking Express, enjoyed sharing childhood memories at Tai Kwun (former Central Police Station) where the movie story of Police Story got inspired.

They also visited some iconic revitalized tong lau (tenement buildings) and the old North Kowloon Magistracy (present Savannah College of Art and Design), before grabbing a bite at the famous Hong Fat Noodle, sinking their teeth in buttery French toast with honey.

New Taste of Hong Kong was premiered on on TLC (SEA) in November 2018. The three-part series sees celebs Bowie Tsang and Alan Ko navigate Old Town Central and Sham Shui Po to revisit classic Hong Kong movie locations.

This release is provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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