Warner Acquired Spinnin’ Records to Grow Its Audience in Asia

Another major’s acquisition to increase market value in Asia.

This year, we have experienced quite a number of electronic music related events ranging from conferences, new festivals to parties that heavily-focused on creating extensive line-ups promoting DJs and the genre that is has seen an outburst shift from underground to mainstream.

While we continue to see the emergent of this underground genre, Warner took a bold and rather calculated step and went ahead to acquire Spinnin’ Records, one of the largest electronic music platforms in the world. Spinnin’ has been turning the table for almost 2 decades and its direct and firm following from electronic music fans provided much confidence in the growing market in China and the surrounding region.

Bart Cool, Executive Vice President/ Global A&R Marketing Dance Music at Warner Music Group presented a keynote address on the challenges the U.S and Europe is facing – slow growth in comparison to Asia, its capability of turning any young aspiring creators from anywhere in the world to a world-class superstar, importance of monetising from music services and retaining fair remuneration for artists and reason to encourage and support the growing talent in Asia.

The demand for electronic music has recently soared and many new strategies towards promoting, creating and expanding the genre are directly creating a positive wave of engagement and exchange between labels and artists. If there’s a time suitable to venture a career into electronic music, it would be now. With music festivals focusing almost entirely its line-up on electronic gigs such as 808 Festival, Sonar Festival and the Djakarta Warehouse Project, we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg and only time will tell how long will we hang on before seeing the burst of the bubble. Nevertheless, the audience is being reintroduced to this genre and DJs are reinventing new sound enough to feed the hungry young millennials who are hungry of what seemed to be ‘the surviving’ underground genre.

Check out Bart Cools’ recent [Sept 2017] keynote address at International Music Summit Asia-Pacific [IMS APAC] in Shanghai below.

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