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June 21, 2024

Yuzaku Maezawa announce list of artists for SpaceX trip. Music Press Asia
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Steve Aoki Joins Yuzaku Maezawa’s SpaceX Trip

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is heading to outer space with SpaceX and he isn’t going alone. According to the latest source on NextShark, Aoki and BIGBANG’s T.O.P will join six other professional individuals chosen from a list of around one million applications. Yuzaku Maezawa is on a mission and will be representing the first few on a civilian trip to…

Musical KPOP Is Now On Broadway

KPOP Launched 18 Broadway DebutKPOP musical began its preparation 8 years ago, now launches on New York’s BroadwayA Technicolor bilingual…

Kpop Musical Broadway Success Launch Starring Luna. Music Press Asia
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Ars Nova To Present KPOP Broadway Musical

The upcoming premiere of KPOP, the new musical about the global K-pop phenomenon, will begin performances on Broadway (New York) with previews starting on Thursday, October 13, 2022, in advance…

Kpop musical is changing the New York scene. Music Press Asia

Jambinai: The Roaring Reconciliation of Rock

As midweek draws to a close, I worked up a baffling encounter with consternation; a sense of dread almost by appointment that some of the week’s most appalling workdays are…

Midweek concert playlist Jambinai Music Press Asia
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