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June 17, 2021

Music Editor: Why I've Decided To Cancel Spotify Premium'. Music Press Asia
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Music Editor: ‘Why I’ve Cancelled Spotify Premium’

2.0 After work — Decreased appreciation of genuine work: There’s nothing more satisfying than setting a specific time just listening to a complete album or collection of works by one artist, and without ever treating it as background music in a sitting. Although I cannot dismiss the idea that this can be done via Spotify or any other music app, still,…

NetEase Cloud Music Hits 400 Million User Mark

NetEase Cloud Music (NCM), one of China’s largest music platform, has announced today that it has officially reached 400 million users since its launch in 2013 and moving forward a…

NetEase Cloud Music has expanding its list of artists using the site to engage with fans.

Digital Consumerism by Millennials in Asia

Millennials are learning, shopping and entertaining themselves via apps, stores and sites online. But does that mean they are no longer visiting a physical store or heading out? Over in…

Adidas sets up booth at a local electronic music in China as a mean to get more data to interact with their consumers online.

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