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Vietnam SEA Games 2022 Opening Ceremony. Music Press Asia

Vietnam SEA Games closes with music and culture showcase

HANOI: Cocooned in an indoor arena away from the persistent rain, the closing ceremony of the 31st SEA Games drew the regional meet to a close with a vibrant show of music and culture in Hanoi last Monday (May 23). At the My Dinh Indoor Games Gymnasium, the Games’ closing ceremony began by with an exuberant performance highlighting the transformation of the Vietnamese capital over the years in an item entitled My Hanoi, Your Love. In front of various dignitaries including Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, the flags of…

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Endangered Species Day. Music Press Asia

Turning The Tide for Endangered Animals

Our species, the Homo sapiens, has officially seized the world. For roughly 300 millennia, or most of our existence, our population numbers have risen gradually. It is estimated that there were about 170 million people on Earth around 2,000 years ago. But with the arrival of modern medicine and the Industrial Revolution, the human population exploded. Skyrocketing from a billion…

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Taipei National Theater. Music Press Asia

Taipei City National Theater: A Cultural Ziggurat

The Palace architecture where culture is in the present. Built in 1987, the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is the first national-level cultural venue in Taiwan. In addition to hosting major performances, the two major buildings of the center—the National Theater & Concert Hall—are major Taipei landmarks. Adding a stately elegance to the traditional Chinese…

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Music Press Asia Book of the Month Heidi Shamsuddin
Editor's Pick

Nusantara: A Sea of Tales by Heidi Shamsuddin

Heidi Shamsuddin’s newest anthology offers some retellings and deeper insights of beloved folk stories gathered from Malaysia and across the Nusantara region. Following the success of her children’s book The Malay Tale of the Pig King in 2020 (which retells the Indonesian tale of Hikayat Raja Babi), Heidi returns to her passion of telling fairy tales from South-East Asia. A…

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FIFA 2022 World Cup Release New Music Soundtrack. Music Press Asia

FIFA World Cup Qatar: “We’re better together”

Hayya Hayya (Better Together)’ by Trinidad Cardona, DaVido, Aisha The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ has a new official soundtrack. The new single, titled Hayya Hayya (Better Together), features US star Trinidad Cardona, Afrobeats icon DaVido, and Qatari sensation Aisha. The release happened ahead of the final draw for the tournament. FIFA continues to build on the FIFA Sound strategy…

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Kpop musical is changing the New York scene. Music Press Asia

Ars Nova To Present KPOP Broadway Musical

The upcoming premiere of KPOP, the new musical about the global K-pop phenomenon, will begin performances on Broadway (New York) with previews starting on Thursday, October 13, 2022, in advance of an opening night on Sunday, November 20, 2022. The announcement was made at a press conference two days ago (30 Mar) at the Korean Cultural Center in New York.…

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Midweek concert playlist Jambinai Music Press Asia
Editor's Pick

Jambinai: The Roaring Reconciliation of Rock

As midweek draws to a close, I worked up a baffling encounter with consternation; a sense of dread almost by appointment that some of the week’s most appalling workdays are behind me. Weaklings will probably expect more apprehension before the week ends, Saturday perhaps, but who would judge anyway? The mini celebration isn’t so much like a visit to my…

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Dior Reopens 30 Montaigne Paris. Image by Adrien Dirand. Music Press Asia

Dior Reopens Historic Montaigne Flagship In Paris

LVMH brand sales have boomed during the pandemic, but will the wisdom of its all-encompassing strategy for in-person experiences still be a tade too bold to bet on consumer behavior and brand loyalty? Beyond fashion, there are the realms of culture, art, and hospitality still yet untouched. After a two-year renovation, Dior is reopening its historic 30 Montaigne flagship in…

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Stargazing Records Release New Album. Music Press Asia

Vietnamese Label Stargazing Records Release New Album “Bang Bang”

This album inspires a strong house music foundation with a marked development toward the funky, groovy, tribal, Latin, or jack’in house subgenres deeply inspired by artists like Gabry Venus, Block & Crown, Crazibiza, & Simon Fava among others. Determind did not release any music for a valid reason last year. In order to make the best out of time spent…

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Singapore rap duo Yung Parents Interview with Music Press Asia

Yung Parents On Being A Creative Southeast Asian Duo

I. Malaysia/Singapore Q1: Hi Yung Parents, welcome to Music Press Asia! We’ve recently seen your excitement over the opening border of Malaysia/Singapore, which resulted in the release of a music video. We saw you rap about some of the most basic things you’d like to shop for although they are still available in Singapore. Do you think it seemed like…

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