Dead Mushroom’s New Song is OST in ASTRO Originals TV Series

New Music Release 2023. Music Press Asia

Malaysian rock band Dead Mushroom is a quartet of a special kind. Since 1995, they began performing as an indie band famously known for their split-demo debut among the readers of The Sun Blasting Concept poll.

Instantly having fame dropped at their doorstep due to their memorable live act, they went on to sign with Rock Central Records to release their debut album; a record that would rise significantly among the music industry peers. Produced by Ramli MS Dead Mushroom received 4 nominations at AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) in 1998 under categories including Best Engineered Album.

While single ‘Read My Mind’ remains one of Music Press Asia’s frequent playlists, the frequent national tours kept ‘Read My Mind’ in our minds.

Dead Mushroom to perform at SoundCircus Festival July 2023. Music Press Asia]
Dead Mushroom to perform at SoundCircus Festival July 2023. Music Press Asia]

Prior to the pandemic, Dead Mushroom has remained a regular live act at venues with a relatively niche act, but if their musical careers are getting any reason close to a reset, it would have to be the release of their newest single ‘Gotta Get It’ as an original soundtrack released under Rocketfuel Entertainment.

Dead Mushroom’s 1997 single Read My Mind puts late 90s rock music at the pedestal of exemplary acts of creativity by a Malaysian band. With a single now released as the theme song of an Astro Originals television series can only mean they are checking off the experience list. We can’t wait to hear more,”

The new song was selected as the theme song of Astro Originals latest family drama television series, Jack Yusof. Featuring Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor Shamsuddin as Jack Yusof, a main character written and directed by Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin. The tv series is an 8-episode family comedy drama produced by KL Motion Pictures.

Listen to Dead Mushroom ‘ Read My Mind’.

Listen to June 2023 new music release ‘Gotta Get It’.

Dead Mushroom 2023 Live Gigs

Dead Mushroom will perform on July 30, 2023 (Sun) at the SoundCircus Festival’s Art of Speed Exhibition Hall. Sharing stage with One Buck Short, Loko, Bayangan, Kapten Oi! and Blues Gang on the same day of the festival.

Dead Mushroom Malaysia SoundCircus Fest 2023. Music Press Asia

Jack Yusof (2023), Astro Originals

Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin, the director of Jack Yusof, is known to Malaysia’s family audience as the director to have directed ‘I-Tanggang’, ‘Keluarga Iskandar’ and ‘Kampung People’.

Rosyam Nor plays the main character Jack Yusof. Known in the fictional world as a famous and successful actor, Yusof has made enough mistakes in his private life, including abandoning her daughter Aida, played by Sharifah Husna. Other notable cast members include Raja Ema, Rashidi Ishak and Adriana Adnan.

Jack Yusof is released on On Demand and Astro Go on June 17, 2023 and made available on Astro Ria 10 days after.

Astro Originals have recently created hype in creating modern and family-oriented drama series in the Malay language. Its popular and recent production include High Council, One Cent Thief, LIAR and KUDETA.

This article is authored by editor-in-chief (Southeast Asia region) Monica Tong.

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