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Jay Chou & Nine One One Released New Song via Rock Music Publishing

Jiu YiYi collaborates with Jay Chou release new song. Music Press Asia

The Taiwanese band “Jiu Yi Yi” and Jay Chou celebrated their first-ever collaboration with the release of the song AMIGO. A song produced and composed by Jay Chou with lyrics by Jiu Yi Yi. The song cites song titles, movies and interests of Chou’s through the repeated chorus lyrics Song of Songs – directly echoing the synchornised brotherhood between its collaborators.

Chunfeng, a member of Jiuyiyi, is Jay Chou’s number one fan. This demo provides the testing ground for future collaborations between the two creatives.

The song AMIGO directly means friends in the Spanish language. It describes the temperament of attaching importance to friends and brothers. The lyrics are stacked stylishly in the “Zhou style”. Jiu Yiyi’s admiration for Zhou is expressed in the song.

The “AMIGO” music video is full of exotic solid flavors. It begins with Jay Chou’s previous classic songs of “Tornado”, “Nunchuan”, “All the Way North”, the MV and Jay Chou’s “Qingfeng Man” in the movie. Dance, magic, and other elements are part of the creative deliberation.

Onion, a member of Jiu Yi Yi said: “Because I want to pay tribute to Zhou Tianwang, some of Cover’s MV contents are quite interesting, and they should be imitated well. Among them, the content of “Coco Nightclub” is also the first time I tried it, I think it is very special.”

At the beginning of the song, Chunfeng showed off his rap skills in authentic Taiwanese. Onion laughed and said that the difficulty of this song lies in the correct pronunciation of Spanish.

“[Jay Chao] said he wanted a little ink (old ink, Mexican style), although I also want a little ink, but we can control a little more humor, and it feels very fresh to present a Mexican visual dress on the clothing,” said Jianzhi.

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Music Video & Song Credits

Song Title |AMIGO
Singer Performer |Nine One One 九一一
Song Composer|Jay Chou
Lyricist | Chen Haoyu, Hong Yuhong, Liao Jianzhi
Sampling|All the way to the North (Ci/Fang Wenshan Qu/Jay Chou), Nunchaku (Ci/Fang Wenshan Qu/Jay Chou), Tornado (Ci/Xi Ruoxuan Qu/Jay Chou)
Producer | Jay Chou
Arranger | Nine One One
Vocal Producer | Chen Haoyu, Hong Yuhong, Liao Jianzhi
Mixing|Huang Yuxun YANIS
Chorus Arrangement / Chorus Arrangement|Chen Haoyu
Recording Engineer|Chen Haoyu
Recording Studio|Chen Haoyu’s recording studio
Mastering Engineers|Wayson Hsu @qierwenchuang
Publishing Agency|Rock Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
Artist Agency Artist Agency|Peng Shangrong
Assistant to Artist|Wu Zheyi
Publicity Director Publicity Director|Zheng Fangren

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