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Malaysian Trio The Impatient Sisters Collaborates with Ari Renaldi

New recording and music video released by The Impatient Sisters.

The Impatient Sisters Release New Album Oct22. Music Press Asia

Official press release

The Impatient Sisters, the indie-folk triumvirate hailing from Kuantan, has returned with their first album in 8 years. Titled ‘7 Years’, it is a full-length album consisting of 13 new tracks that are woven into a musical experience — intimate, relatable, and familiar. Consisting of both Malay and English songs, ‘7 Years’ will be available on all streaming platforms on October 28.

Since dipping their toes into the local music scene back in 2011, The Impatient Sisters has since risen to become Malaysia’s leading indie folk band. Their unique harmonies and musical choices with lyrics that were dreamy, breezy, happy, and sad caught the attention of their audience. ‘7 Years’ is no different: it still has the band’s warm sentiments of indie-folk but with a wider soundscape. All songs in ‘7 Years’ are written and composed by the sisters — Soraya, Nazeera and Irena from a more mature perspective.

“As we’re all at different points in our lives compared to our first album, we started to be more personal with our songwriting. We started producing ‘7 Years’ in 2021, so it marks the gap between then and our first album. 7 years also marks the time a body fully regenerates to become new,” says Soraya. “So in a way this album is really about rebirth; about us embracing our current selves and leaving the past in the past,” said Nazeera.

The Impatient Sisters debuted ‘Three’, their latest single on October, 21st. The song sees the sisters taking on a more mature theme with their signature sound. The waltz signals growth in their songwriting abilities as they tell a story of infidelity from the perspective of the guilty party. Apart from the three sisters, the song also features soprano singer Jamilah Abu Bakar.

The first single off the album, ‘Rumah’, was released in August 2022. Mixed and mastered by renowned Indonesian music producer Ari Renaldi — who also produces for artists like Tulus and Yura Yunita, the song signifies the growth for the band as they journey forward into the next chapter of their lives.

‘7 Years’ album production is funded by the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) through its Independent Music Funding Programme. It’s a funding programme that supports the creation and adaptation of Malaysian independent music content where it encourages local artistes and practitioners to expand the range of high-quality works for audiences in Malaysia and push the boundaries of their music.

“We’d like to thank CENDANA who has been very instrumental in the development of this album. Thanks to the funding we received, we are able to invest more in the production of the album as this time around we wanted to achieve a fuller sound and a better quality record,” said Irena who produced all songs in the album.

‘7 Years’ will be available on all streaming platforms from October 28 onwards. A limited number of physical copies will be available in the near future.

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