Djooky Seeks Talent, Awards Winner with Recording Trip

Asian emerging artists may now compete for a $USD40,000 cash prize from an international song contest. Set to happen every quarter, the contest is now accepting applications for the Spring 2021 season.

Djooky Inc. Seeks Talent, Awards Winner with a Recording Trip. Music Press Asia
  • The winner will receive a $20,000 cash award or a recording trip to the iconic Capitol Records in Los Angeles (artist’s choice).
  • The first and second runner-ups will receive $USD5,000 and $USD2,000 cash awards respectively. 13 genre winners receive $USD1,000 each.
  • Cash prizes are offered to the winners of the weekly charts.

Djooky Inc., a music and fintech startup, has launched the world’s first global online music contest, the Djooky Music Awards. With the aim to create fairer opportunities for musicians who are struggling to break through existing power structures, which have been amplified as a result of the current pandemic.

The Djooky Music Awards, co-founded by Brian Malouf (a producer of Michael Jackson and Madonna), is now accepting applications for its Spring 2021 season.

Beginning with the Spring 2021 season, the winning artist will now have the choice of receiving either $20k in cash or a recording/coaching session at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles with Brian Malouf (expenses covered up to $20k); or a recording/coaching session at a studio of their choice, with Brian working remotely with the artist and in-studio team (artist receives remainder of the $20k after expenses are deducted).

Brian Malouf commented: Reviewing the nominations from the artists who have already registered to take part in the Djooky Music Awards, it becomes clear that we have found a treasure trove of undiscovered music. I give a lot of credit to the surge in music tech development and global broadband penetration which has provided access to the most remote corners of the world where authentic talents are creating beautiful music. Add to this a global pandemic which has locked everyone up in their homes with time to think and create, and you get an ocean of new and fresh names in music, destined to become tomorrow’s success stories.

Participation from Asia-based creators  has also increased. With Hip Hop/R&B/Soul (30.70%), Pop (19.72%) and EDM/Electronic (14.93%) being the musical genres with the highest representation in the Asian region, the winter of 2020 saw Japan with the highest registration of participants (70 composition entries). While others poured in from Nigeria (231 nominations), the United States (127), Russia (107), South Africa (104) and Ghana (95).

The Djooky Music Awards, launched in 2020, is the world’s first online music contest designed to showcase emerging artists. The awards’ winter season, which wrapped up at the end of February, saw Kazakhstani group Ulytau taking the top prize. In autumn, Gaona from Peru won first prize.

Djooky’s inaugural winner Gina Brooklyn from the United States has already come back from her recording trip to Los Angeles after winning the contest. Gina  commented: “Winning the Djooky Music Awards has been so encouraging. After a few hard months of isolation, there was suddenly so much to look forward to. The time we spent in California was very productive and fun – making music, creating and meeting new people. Going to Capitol Studios was crazy! The history in that building is jaw-dropping. Being able to say I recorded and created there is unreal.”

To date, the competition is considered to be the largest international song contest; with over 125 participating nations, and having involved over 11,000 musicians and about 100,000 users.

The competition is now open to all artists and songwriters, amateur and professional worldwide. Users can take part in the voting process via the Djooky app. To participate, register as an artist or composer and upload a song on Djooky’s website before May 16, 2021. Participation is free of charge.

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