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Computex Debuts Virtual Exhibition

Computex, an exhibition in high demand post-pandemic, goes virtual. Music Press Asia

With conference dates for its physical conference rescheduled, Computex, an important exhibition for the global telecommunications industry will now happen virtually for one month: from 31 May to 30 June, 2021.    

What used to be an annual event, the exhibition in Taipei now faces border control issues due to the pandemic and can no longer hosts its exhibitors, buyers and media from abroad.

Targeting exhibitors from ICT products/services related including 5G, artificial intelligence, AR/VR/MR/XR, Big Data & Cloud, Blockchain to Drones & Robotics, Gaming, IoT, Manufacturing Technology, Security & Cyber Security, SportsTech, and more. With global ICT buyers, investors, accelerators, VCs & crowdfunding and OEM/ODM companies were also targeted participants.

Co-sponsored by the ROC Association for the Development of Foreign Trade and Taipei’s City Computer Business Association, Computex attracts over 40,000 international buyers every year, with media attending from over 170 countries worldwide. With partners reaching as far as the United States, other neighbouring countries including Japan, South Korea and mainland China are also finding it a challenge to make travel plans. Therefore careful research and discussions with the Taiwan’s central epidemic command centre has acknowledged the health and safety of its participants and decided upon its natural progression towards organising an online exhibition instead.

While physical activities including the CEO Keynote, Computex and InnoVex forum will still be going on as planned at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, its digital platform ComputexVirtual, due to high demand from its counterparts from abroad, will aim to serve those who’d not be able to attend physically.

For those familiar with the exhibition, InnoVEXVirtual, a new part of the exhibition will also be shown online, will feature four new segments: ‘Tech Insights’, ‘Virtual Displays, ‘Matchmaking & Networking’, as well as ‘Hyper-personalised Recommendations’.

From 4 May onward, exhibitors may already upload company profile and product information via Computex’s official website. Virtual booths will be made available for customisation and decoration beginning 5 May.

In 2019, Computex’s five-day exhibition hosted almost 6,000 booths displaying innovations and trends in categories covering 5G, wireless technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, extended reality, gaming and Internet of Things. InnoVEX, a forum that focused on communications in startups, saw over 400 accelerators and new ventures from 25 countries and territories took part.

Since its launch in 1981, Computex Taipei has now grown into one of the most anticipated events in the ICT industry. At the same time, spotlighting Taiwan’s crucial role in global tech manufacturing and R&D with its highly developed infrastructure, strong intellectual property protections and deep talent pool.

Alongside other top technology exhibitions like Germany’s CeBit and Las Vegas’ CES, Computex Taipei, strategically, plays a key role in attracting companies and investors seeking partners in the ICT sector.

For more information on how InnoVEXVirtual and its four segments can help its participant maximize attendance, please click here.

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