Wang Leehom ‘Descendants of the Dragon 2060’ World Tour Returns to Malaysia

Imagine re-mixing your own song every 12 years? Taiwan’s legendary Chinese hip hop artist Wang Leehom’s World Tour to showcase his latest songwriting prowess heavily mixing Chinese material with electric guitar, rock, hip hop and live production from the Grammy Awards crew.

Star Planet and UnUsUaL Entertainment partners to tour Wang Leehom in Malaysia.

With 62 mil fans on Weibo and 3.7 mil Facebook followers, Wang Leehom one of Taiwan’s most successful musical export in the region, is now back on tour.

The show backed by production team who has worked on the Grammy Awards featuring spaceship, LED lighting, holograms, animated movies and choreography.

Set to take place at Stadium Merdeka, Leehom is collaborating with the production team from the Grammys featuring a ‘futuristic’ stage conjuring expertise in forms of holograms, animation and even a spaceship.

Famed for his songwriting skills that fuses electric guitar with Beijing opera, and violin with hip hop, Leehom’s R&B influenced hits such as Revolution (1998), Heroes of Earth (2005) and Heart Beat (2008) attracted listeners who demanded a cultural and identity upgrade amid the younger generation living in the United States and Asia.

[Music Press Asia] Star Planet and Unusual Entertainment partner to tour Wang Leehom in Malaysia

[Music Press Asia] Star Planet and Unusual Entertainment partner to tour Wang Leehom in Malaysia

Having born in the year of the dragon following the Chinese zodiac calendar, he aims to remix his 2000 hit ‘Descendants of the Dragon’ every year of the Dragon, which means every 12 years until the year 2060. The song was originally performed by his uncle Lee Chien-Fu.

In his most recent album, A.I. Love (2017), Leehom expressed his mixed feelings about the impact of artificial intelligence on people’s lives.

The concert is presented by MIA and organised by UnUsUaL Entertainment with Star Planet as the supporting partner.

Tickets are now available on TicketCharge.




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