Mediacorp Hires Former SEA MD of Twitter

Parminder Singh, former managing director, Southeast Asia, Middle East & North Africa and India of Twitter, is appointed to take on the role as the chief commercial and digital officer at Mediacorp.

Former Twitter Director joins Mediacorp.

Mediacorp has plans to bolster its digital arm reflected in their recent hires including Singh’s role, which is a combination of what were previously two separate positions. Boasting over 20 years of experience in digital business, sales and marketing, Singh has not only led a team at Google as managing director but also held positions in worldwide companies including Apple and IBM.

Mediacorp is hoping to align its monetisation efforts with its digital product development, operations, audience acquisition and content marketing efforts. This move will mean that there is a qualified candidate that will be taking the leadership role to accelerate the progress in both the commercial and digital groups.

“Singh will help us chart our digital roadmap ahead, broadening and deepening our engagement with online audiences,” Shaun Seow, CEO, Mediacorp explained.

“I’m excited about joining a pioneering organisation focused on maintaining leadership in an evolving landscape.  The convergence of online and offline offers exciting possibilities. I’m particularly thrilled by the opportunity to combine Mediacorp’s digital and mainstream media assets to deliver more complete and compelling solutions for our clients,” Singh said.

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