Midem To Host Music Industry Executives In Cannes

Midem, the leading international business event for the music industry today announces that the next edition will take place in Cannes, 6 -9 June, 2017.



Last year, Midem celebrated its 50th year as the platform that connects people in the music industry. It boasts of a tradeshow, conferences, competitions, networking events and live performances – a go-to place where technologies, international brands, talents and music makers meet and discuss new businesses.

Midem 2016 attendance was down 20% from 5500 to 4400, according to the event’s coordinator; a steady decline in attendance numbers in recent years. More than 600 labels, up from last year, from 85 countries were represented where the Top 5 countries represented include France, Germany, UK, US and Japan.

While it remains the largest international community of music industry professionals, the number of paid attendees fell again in 2016. Its relevance has been under question ever since businesses can be dealt with over email and Skype calls. It is indeed going to be another challenging year for Midem to find its place to be the center of the industry’s network. Cheaper alternatives and gatherings are definitely taking place replacing one of the oldest networking gathering in Europe.

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