AI Can Now Read Every Single Comment on Your Social Media

Curious as to how artificial intelligence can read all your post comments on your social media account, and then send you a report? Swizzle’s text analysis technology can now do just that. Read on to understand how this could help the music industry.

As Chief Operating Officer at Swizzle Labs, Nick Szabo plays a significant role in the expansion of the company in Asia Pacific. With Swizzle, his expertise in revolutionising the new media space resulted in the receiving of the Innovation Award presented by St Louis Business Journal. What puts him and his company way above others as a leading startup has been catching attention from some of us in the music industry.

Q: You’ve mentioned that this technology is now being used in the medical and finance fields. Why has it only just started for the music and streaming sector?
Some of these technologies are being used in the entertainment space, however, it is typically ignored because traditional businesses such as finance and medical has more funding and are usually more willing to spend money on speculative technology. There is always a feel-good factor to curing cancer that works well with PR.

Q: How will this specific technology change the music scene and benefit a label, musician or a digital service provider?
Without losing the insight capabilities people have when they read, this technology is basically geared towards reading on a level that is beyond what people can do, hence, perfect for this industry.

Imagine a songwriter who could read every single comment on various social media platforms simultaneously, or see trending topics and phrases come online even before they become well-known. That songwriter can then translate these relevant feedbacks and information into their music composition – keeping them up-to-date in real time.

Or imagine being able to read what everyone said about every song in a given genre. You could use this knowledge [assuming you could remember everything] to predict how well a song will be perceived on a totally new level.

“This intelligence gives us the ability to listen to audiences’ feedback the way we do now, magnifying it to the power of the internet and taking it well beyond the capabilities of a human being.”

Caption(L-R): dog, Nick Szabo (COO) and Grey Geppert (Data

Caption(L-R): dog, Nick Szabo (COO) and Grey Geppert (Data

Q: Does that mean this technology could solve all problems related to customer service?
No, of course not. This technology is giving companies better information about their customers. It’s up to the company to use the information to improve customer service; any industry has their own set of problems including the music industry. That said, this tech does improve customer service, on a big scale.

Q: Who are your clients?
Due to the non-disclosure agreement between us and our clients, we are not able to disclose who they are. However, it is safe to say that we work with major MNCs, music labels, gaming companies, beauty & fashion houses and marketing agencies all over Asia and the US.

Nick Szabo currently leads the Swizzle’s US office. Prior to Swizzle, Nick has 11 years of experience in digital marketing, research and business development across the US and Korea. For more information on Swizzle, please click here.  Twitter: @swizzleglobal    

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