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July 13, 2024

Beethoven Documentary ARTE TV. Music Press Asia
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The Perfection of Joy in Beethoven’s Ninth

Beethoven is a name we all know well today. As a composer in the late 18th century, Beethoven was already making headlines. And one of his profound creative work was composing Symphony No. 9; a four-movement symphony that continues to be heard in philharmonic halls all over the world. Today marks the 200th anniversary since Beethoven’s ninth symphony was first…

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Scot McCracken UREEQA NFT Interview. Music Press Asia

Scot McCracken: “NFT Is Here To Stay”

NFT is a current hype in the music business scene. Music Press Asia interviews Scot McCracken to find out possibilities we can all think about and seriously consider: from branding of a musician’s product, selling tickets, creating value and more. Q1: Hi Scot, thank you for joining us here at Music Press Asia. Which part of the world are we…

Livechat: Please Don’t Stop The Music

What happens when the music industry takes a huge beating following the recent cancellations of live events worldwide due to the spreading of a global pandemic coronavirus? Music Press Asia’s…

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